What is it about poms and b&d?

Parents in the UK want corporal punishment be brought back into schools:

Half of parents believe that the cane should be reintroduced to restore order to the classroom, research suggests.

Some 49 per cent of mothers and fathers are in favour of corporal punishment to crack down on the worst offenders, it was revealed.

The vast majority of parents also want greater use of other back-to-basics discipline measures including detention, expulsion and forcing badly behaved children to write lines.

Even a fifth of secondary school pupils themselves support the reintroduction of caning or smacking.

The disclosure comes amid claims from Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, that “adult authority” has been eroded in too many schools.

That’s probably why the madam reckoned pommy rugby followers are big spenders.


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  • Jimmie

    It should be brought back into NZ schools too – but no we get weird crap like your daughter found out that hugs and holding hands equal sexual assault.

  • thor42

    I think it should be brought back to NZ schools too.
    There are many instances of stroppy children running amok in schools here, and they damned-well know that they won’t be punished in any meaningful way.
    I’m not saying that the strap or the cane are the answer for everything. I’m saying that the namby-pamby approach to discipline has failed, and corporal punishment is one aspect of a firmer approach to discipline that should replace it.