What is more likely?

Road rage from an MP with a heart condition or roid road rage from someone who has is involved in body building and has photos of herself in bodybuilding poses on Facebook.

Yeah, I think I will go with the roid road rage from the body builder.

The real give away of the real motivations behind the complaint is this statement.

“What gives Mr Henare the idea that he is entitled to drive as he pleases? Does being a National MP and driving around in an Audi splashed with National Party colours entitle him to special treatment … be rude to other road users, ignore road rules and endanger others on the road? Is he better and more important than others?”

Plus whenever someone prefaces their comments with a statement professing their undying support for a party I am rightly suspicious.


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  • Cameron, your bias is betraying you a little here. Having a heart condition is irrelevant to the incident, as too is which party one supports. Having a history of being a “hot head” is relevant though…

    The article clearly shows that both parties were involved in a heated discussion at the traffic lights. It would appear that Tau sparked the altercation by his poor driving manners and this in turn incensed Cicelia. It would appear that both parties have room to be more courteous on the road.

  • Tarbash

    I have seen a blurry photo of this woman from a google search, and I don’t know why Tau would want to finger her.

  • glenn

    Steroids have been known to increase aggression and diminish judgement. So have positions of apparent power, particularly when that power appears to be slipping away…

  • Bunswalla

    If I wrote an email to the Prime Minister and made a complaint to the police every time someone in Auckland cut me up or gave me the finger, I’d have very little time to spend on anything else. Methinks the “lady” doth protest too much…

  • sthnjeff

    one comment regarding this, wtf is he doing driving a red audi!

  • Brian Smaller

    She has a nice rack.