What is the point of the Labour party?

That was the headline in the UK on an article by Janet Daley. With just a few word and name replacements the article could easily be re-printed here with the same messages about our own Labour party.

Which of the following is Labour’s greatest electoral liability: a) Ed Miliband, b) Ed Balls, c) the trade unions, or d) the combined effects of a), b) and c)? Answer: none of the above. While certainly not underestimating the disincentive to vote Labour provided by any of those four options, I would argue that the greatest obstacle to the party’s return to power is much more fundamental – and far less easy to remedy – than any of them. It is the matter which the party thought for over a decade had been settled, but which is now about to dominate its conference with as much urgency as if Tony Blair had never been born.

Just replace Ed Miliband with Phil Goff, Ed Balls with Trevor Mallard and Tony Blair with Helen Clark and you can see how accurate that is.

I will explore the rest of the article in each part over a series of posts.



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  • thor42

    That’s a good article in The Telegraph. Very relevant to the Labour Party here as well.
    “What is the point of the NZ Labour Party?” To make the lazy and the ignorant feel good about themselves, and the hardworking taxpayers feel bad about themselves. To tell the feckless ne’er-do-wells that “it’s not their fault”, and that rotting for a decade or two on the dole is “OK”. To tell the underclass of our society that “everyone else owes them a living”.
    To make endless promises to the underclass – promises funded by borrowing and by taxing the long-suffering taxpayers (the ratio of which to the bludgers is getting smaller and smaller, making welfare less and less affordable as the years go by. More and more bludgers funded by fewer and fewer taxpayers.) To do everything in their power to make the government of North Korea look great by comparison.

    • diabolos

      You couldnt be a little more detailed or specific on that to clarify mate? It would be helpful

  • There is no point to the labour party if it attempts to adopt a centrist position. And it has to do that to get elected, and then has to appease its left when in power. hence its limited appeal – as the voters reject it. The loony left label surfaces. Phil Goff is in the classic lefty bind.

  • Indeed, what is the point of the Liarbore party when the government of John Key is so helpfully implementing all of Liarbore’s policies?

  • thor42

    Here are a couple of *great* pages about the shrinking ratio of taxpayers to beneficiaries.
    First, this one for New Zealand – it has a nice graph as well –

    This one is for the US –

    The one for NZ shows that the ratio of workers to each beneficiary has dropped from 2.5 workers per bfy in June 2004 to 1.75 in June 2011. Not a good trend.

  • Can there be any doubt that welfare is a ponzi scheme? or that there are too many stupid sheeple in New Zealand who vote on the basis of which pack of leftist scum will give them a larger slice of Other People’s Money? Or that the universal franchise has been anything other than a complete and utter failure?

    • thor42

      Two issues here – welfare and democracy.
      Welfare – the whole welfare state needs to be MASSIVELY hacked back (if not removed altogether). Goodbye to DPB and Working for Families. Goodbye to the dole – you should either train or get nothing. Raise the eligibility age for super as well (and MEANS-TEST it).
      Democracy – I agree that this is an exercise in the lefties voting for whoever can steal the most money for them (via taxes). I actually **really like** Cactus Kate’s idea that if you’re a net taxpayer, you get to vote. If you’re a net drain on the tax system, you don’t. “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

  • YouAreObviouslyACunt

    The point of the Labour party is to defend human dignity from cunts like you.

  • SheeshYouGotJSSpamFilters

    What the fuck is wrong with the left anyway? Atleast they arent ugly evil dickheads like you guys. Whats a funny joke? “Lets call each other gay ALL THE FUCKING TIME” You are all getting groomed by Perigo, you idiots.

  • Gazzaw

    Good to see a couple of intelligent erudite posters from Red Alert posters here. Interesting that the two biggest words they used were ‘fucking’ & ‘dickhead’. Both spelt correctly though.

    • sthnjeff

      Looks like the NZ Film Commission has been active again…..