What was he thinking?

Last night was a triumph in many respects for New Zealand. Apart from Len Brown’s appalling delivery of transport solutions everything else went off like clockwork.

However it wasn’t just Len Brown that was a disgrace last night.

I have received several calls to the tipline about an incident last night in downtown Auckland.

Apparently in front of numerous people Howick Community Board Chair Michael Williams tried unsuccessfully to obtain entry to an area to which he didn’t have a ticket.

Not only that the tipsters tell me that he was inebriated and extremely stroppy with the security guards who refused him entry. Michael Williams has a bombastic attitude at the best of times but last night’s effort was appalling.

My eyewitness tipsters said it even went as far as Michael Williams shouting at the guards “Do you know who I am?  I am the chair of the Howick Community Board and if you don’t let me in I will make sure you lose your jobs”.

This is nothing short of disgraceful behaviour from Michael Williams. Questions need to be asked of him about his behaviour. I believe that his attitude and behaviour warrants his resignation. I am certain there will have been an incident report made of this. A good journalist would ask security for details.


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  • Henry

    Oh thank god. I was missing the antics of Andrew Williams.

    Auckland, deep down, needs a drunken clown or two in politics to keep us amused.

  • Nick K

    Local Board chair, not CB.

  • Whafe

    Quite clear he wasn’t thinking, fucking moron.

    When will these politicians and council employees realise the world is different, take up a role in these areas and act like a fuck wit, you will be busted…

  • Mr Blobby

    He wants some one to lose there Job because they are doing there Job properly. The whole idea is to prevent intoxicated people from going into licensed premises and causing problems.
    They are at the hard end of the security industry, on low wages, and working at a time when most people are out enjoying themselves.
    The question is will he be man enough to front up to these guys thank them for doing a good job and say sorry. Perhaps shout them a drink after work.
    Not Likely.
    Is related to the Clown from the North Shore

  • Who the f**k does Williams think he is? So he’s the Chairman of the Howick Community Board – well whoopty doo. Who gives a rat’s arse? I just love the sense of entitlement that dickheads like Williams have. They have never changed. Way back in the dim distant past when I was a check in clerk at the airport & prior to the days of computerisation people like Williams used to demand upgrades & we always held out a promise that it would be done at the gate but of course it never was and they ended up in their assigned seat – usually right next door to the aft dunny if we could manage it.

  • Chris

    I think, Whafe, that he was thinking. That’s the problem. Apparently “do you know who I am” were Sir Peter Blake’s last words, and we know what happened to him.

  • Wow, if this is a true quote —

    “Do you know who I am? I am the chair of the How­ick Com­mu­nity Board and if you don’t let me in I will make sure you lose your jobs”. — Michael Williams

    — and that threat really was issued in the circumstances outlined, I feel there should be some accountability.

    An explanation and public apology, at the very least, is in order.

    Cam, have you offered Michael Williams a right of reply? Have you had any reaction from him, or other members of the Howick political establishment to your report?

    I’m sure other members of the Howick Local Board will have an opinion on the matter. They meet tonight at 6.00 pm in Pakuranga.

    – Peter

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