Where’s Phil Goff?

Labour is not even backing its leader in its advertising.

Where exactly is Phil Goff? Off playing darts again?


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  • Anonymous


    National Party is quite firm on this. Generally two-thirds of signs must be Party Vote only with no mention of local candidate. The other one-third has two mug shots (except the large print highway version) and mentions the candidate and Party Vote. For ‘strategic’ seats as determined by the ‘Castle’ the ratio may be 50/50 or possibly one-third Party Vote only.

  • Don’t agree. The cult of “Dear Leader” is all a bit too North Korean for my taste.

    And anyway, doesn’t the Labour Party need to win at least one electorate for its party votes to count? :-)

  • Tarbash

    Where is the party vote message? Just hopeless….

  • Bill Barnsley

    At the Caci clinic?

  • Hollyfield

    I live on the boundary of Mt Roskill and whatever the next electorate over is. Driving down the road, one side has several Carol Beaumont signs, and the other side has no signs at all.