Who is right?

Len Brown says he wasn’t told about McCully’s takeover:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown says he had no warning from the Government of its plans to takeover the waterfront.

Murray McCully says that Len is mistaken:

Mr McCully has been criticised for not informing Auckland Mayor Len Brown about the takeover until after the announcement was made.

Mr McCully told Radio New Zealand today that government officials spoke to Auckland City officials on Monday about the proposal.

“I’ve got a whole range of officials who work on our side, and a whole range who work on the Auckland City side and I thought getting chief executive to chief executive was a very good way of getting our whole systems plugged into each other.”

It was clear the Government had to get some consents in place to avoid a repeat of last Friday night, he said.

“I rang the Mayor of Auckland myself when it became clear to me yesterday after I made my media comments he hadn’t been fully cited,

Someone isn’t right, my pick is it is Len Brown. He has a record of being sneaky, furtive and hiding from responsibility and it also looks like his city officials have been keeping him in the dark.

Len Brown wanted the big job, but one thing Len Brown has never, ever learned is that on the big job at some time the buck stops at your desk.

The government doesn’t control the trains, Len Brown does through his patsy board. Time for heads to roll, starting with Len Brown’s.


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  • Zelda

    Poor Len is so stressed he wouldn’t remember. Electronic communications failing didn’t help. Public head chopping event :)

  • diabolos

    I think that we wont know for certain until a little bit more time has elapsed. Personally i dont think any of this is as simple or clearcut as we think. Who needs the putty knife to scrape egg off their faces is as yet to be decided – along with whose heads should roll. John Armstrongs article in the Herald today is one of the more interesting takes on it all.


  • rouppe

    Len Brown is a joke. Why did all you Aucklanders vote for him?

    • diabolos

      I think it may have had something to do with an uncomfortable feeling about what NACT may have been planning (as much as they do plan – which is pretty much very short term and reactive) for the Supercity once they had a pet Mayor installed.

      I think also – not many (if any) who voted for him – think Len is a joke. Many feel quite strongly that the hastily (and ill) conceived Supercity is the joke – a bad one that they have to make the best of.

      I think the BeeGees sum it up nicely …

    • nellie

      I think you will actually find it was the fault of the apathetic that didn’t vote against him as much as all those sheepy South Aucklanders that did vote for him that he’s there. And as a Sth Aucklander who tried to rally against LB after seeing years of lies about things like events centres and $18 million bridges over creeks that he was involved heavily in, I can tell you it’s pretty frustrating reading all the ‘Auckland voted for him’ comments in the media!

      • diabolos

        Nelly – i know well the suspension bridge over a little drain. Complete waste of money.

        But i wonder – theres more than just Len Brown here – what about the rest of Council at that time. Dont know about the events centre issue – are anyones hands clean. Sir Barry Curtis could well be taken to task for the legacy he left as well.

        I’d argue – no one was apathetic at the time of voting him in. I would argue that the pressure and speed with which the Supercity ‘thing’ was put into place actually skewed the whole process. Are those including me who voted for him sheep (maybe so) or were a lot of us a case of “frightening the horses” – made nervous by the clamour and ruthlessness of Wellington and Hide in particular. I wouldnt buy a used car from Rodney – a lot of other people felt the same way.

        I would rather that Len had come into office and put a complete hold on anything other than essential spending – and conducted a review into the true costs of running a successful city. I would rather have seen him consolidate management into a holding pattern rather than appointing numbers of highly paid bureaucrats. But thats how these new entities often develop. Same as all the various restructures of the health system over the last 30 years. Cost added upon cost upon cost. No one ever gets the chance to look at it factually.

        Whether we like it or not – sheep or not – a majority of people voted for Len Brown.

  • Chris

    There’s no issue here of “who’s right”. It’s obvious what’s happened: There was a stuff up on the waterfront that government felt it needed to act upon quickly because it didn’t want to show to the rest of the world the banana republic backwater we’ve become. So McCully and his idiot mates decided to use this hardly ever used law to launch itself into damage control. They decided they needed to act quickly so got the functionaries talking on Monday, which was basically McCully’s henchmen telling the wets at the council to take a hike because “the big guns are comin’ to town”. Brown would’ve been told pretty much straight away, but because the process happened so quickly his perception would be that he “wasn’t told”. McCully said the functionaries were told on Monday (which under the statute is a power to command, not discuss). Brown does not dispute what happened, it’s just that he and McCully have described what happened differently. There’s no issue here of “who’s right”. On the issue of whether heads should roll – I don’t think this silly little matter itself can justify heads rolling, unless of course you’re referring to McCully who should be sacked for generally being a bully (as well as for being a bit thick) and how Brown should be sacked for being a blithering idiot, in which case I’d agree that both their heads should roll.

  • diabolos

    Here is Fran o sullivans viewpoint .. interesting …