Who is the dope now?

David Parker thought he was so cool putting up banners on his signs telling the voters of Epsom to vote for the opposition. Even dumber than that is he spelled “parliament” incorrectly. “Pedro” Gower spied it and spread it all over Twitter.

Who is the dope now? Hutch will be doing a double face palm about now.


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  • So is it open season on embarrassing spelling mistakes and typos?
    I feel a frisson of anticipation … none of us is immune.

    – P

    PS I absolutely love the Don Brash as Bob Marley graphic. Fantastic! ;-)

  • Honestly; you can’t make this shit up!

  • Naylor

    The people of Epsom will not be impressed. What a tosser.

  • JJ

    No wonder they’re against National Standards. Who really want’s their child to grow up and be a politician…Shame.

    • Bunswalla

      “want’s”? What’s the apostrophe for?