Why are the arts always the biggest bludgers?

Not content with mopping up all Roald Dahl’s royalties, his family now want others to pay for his shed improvement. This should come as no surprise to anyone, the arts lobby vie with farmers for the biggest bunch of bludgers the world over.

Dahl wrote his famous children’s stories in the 6ft x 7ft hut situated at the bottom of his orchard in Great Missenden, Bucks. It has now fallen into disrepair and the family hope to move it, piece by piece, to a museum around the corner where it will be restored for public display.

Publicising the campaign with an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the author’s granddaughter, Sophie Dahl, said the money was desperately needed.

“It’s in a bit of a state, poor little hut. It needs help. We are trying to raise half a million pounds, which sounds like a great deal of money to move the interior of a little hut but it’s quite a process,” she said.

The appeal was aired on the annual Roald Dahl Day but immediately backfired. The BBC was deluged with complaints from listeners who asked why the cost could not be met by the family and the proceeds of the author’s estate, which receives millions each year from book and film royalties.

Many listeners asked why Miss Dahl, a successful model, writer and BBC cookery presenter, could not fund the project herself. She is a millionairess in her own right and is married to Jamie Cullum, the jazz musician with an estimated personal fortune of £5 million.

The estate is even wealthier:

Twenty-one years after his death, Dahl remains one of the world’s most succesful children’s authors. Over 100 million copies of his books have been sold in 49 languages.

The estate is run by Dahl’s widow, Liccy. In addition to book sales and merchandising, it receives royalties from film and theatre adaptations including the 2005 Hollywood version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring Johnny Depp, which made £300 million at the box office.


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  • diabolos

    Whats more Cam – its not just the symphony orchestra etc – its the rock and rap musos who get their expensive music vids paid for by the taxpayer. Numerous of them particularly rap and hip hop are filmed offshore. So the artists and their “crew” get a trip to the islands or to the States (the home of degenerate music) on the taxpayer. The production values are always high on these as well.

    And – our two “premier” “current” affairs programmes are funded by the Platinum Fund of NZ on Air. So taxpayers are paying Shaun, Duncan and Holmesy (or part anyway) as well – to tell us how we should view and vote (not counting their well heeled panel persons as well perhaps?? And thats just the tip of the iceberg.

    So – guys like Scribe – and J Williams – the taxpayer has assisted their career development probably to the tune of several 100 thousand bucks perhaps. Along with a few latte drinking video production types as well. They are all sitting in cafes giggling about the “trickle down theory” – being pissed on from above – the taxpayer that is.

    You want to target welfare – start with this sort of well heeled privileged welfare first. Then deal to the rest i reckon.

    Here is an example …

    We goan take over dis world … yep using your money dumbass taxpayers

  • diabolos

    Here is a better link sorry – this gives a more complete picture of situation …

  • thor42

    Agreed! Heck, half a mill is just pocket-money to someone with means like her.
    Lazy blimmin’ cow – she should do it.

  • Cadwallader

    Reminds me of the art critics in Monty Python who interviewed “Arthur Two Sheds Jackson.”

  • Gravdodger

    If she does not see it as worthy of saving then just chuck a match in and move on we save far too many crappy buildings.
    Last February 22nd the became death zones for some.

  • bruno32

    grouping NZ farmers with those parasites on the art and hiphop trail is drawing a long bow. But as a cow cocky who pays no tax,I should probably keep my thoughts to myself.As an aside who told the Taleban that cris carter had arrived in Kabul ?

  • diabolos

    Probably too – the arts and associated rorts arent the biggest bludgers …

    I would say that John Keys rich mates like the top investors in SCF and Warner Brothers (Bugs, Daffy, etc) are more deserving of that.

    Would tend to say also that many of the biggest bludgers are still yet to be fully revealed too.

  • notavictim

    Care to elaborate on the farmer analogy? I must have missed something.