Why aren’t they in jail?

No wonder people think Judges are tools:

Two Westport men who taped themselves having a threesome with a 15-year-old girl in February have avoided a prison term.

Jacob McLaughlan and Jared Hicks, both now aged 22, pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful sexual connection with a 15-year-old. In Westport District Court yesterday, defence counsel Doug Taffs said Hicks had had a prior sexual relationship with the girl and to some extent the events had been spontaneous and consensual.

The publication of the video hadn’t been made by either Hicks or McLaughlan, Mr Taffs said.

A friend of Hicks’ sister had found it and sent it around Westport without their knowledge. It had not been their intention to publish the footage.

Judge Lindsay Moore said there was significant case law which, despite the fact the defendants were only 20 when the offence occurred, pointed to jail time.

“I’m struggling to understand how I can get around this,” he said.

Looks like the judge found a way. Maybe they used “they make people laugh” defense.


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  • Anonymous

    Here’s another one who should be in jail.

    Judge Lindsay Moore described the burglary as the “rape of a person’s security in their home”, but said Fraser was a first offender and was unlikely to be sent to jail.

    This wasn’t a mistake, it was premeditated, occurred over several days and caused significant harm and distress. Yet:

    Why not jail?

  • Adybombs

    “I’m struggling to understand how I can get around this,” he said.

    Am I reading this correctly. This judge sees it as his role to try and “get around” sending people to prison. Surely that kind of predetermined attitude means that no trial this judge conducts is fair and therefore he needs to be removed form the bench immediately before he can compromise any other cases.

    Who published the video etc is all superfluous crap. They had sex with a child. That equals jail – no ifs, ands, or buts.

    I’m picking Judge Lindsay Moore doesn’t have a 15 yr old daughter then.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget the prevoius relationship.


    yeah but hang on – was it consensual??? get off your high horse about her being 15. lots of them look much older. yes under the law you need to be 16, but hell plenty of people start rooting early. also given these guys had not sent it out i am not surprised they got no jail time. has she actually made a complaint herself?? i bet the shame of the 3 way is more than enough

  • Guest

    Speaking as a Westport teen who has seen the video – there’s no way this video was non consensual. In fact (excuse the detail) the girl in question holds the camera for parts of it. To jump to conclusions and say it is all the guys fault is wrong. The pair had had a relationship for quite a period of time and made the video in full knowledge. The unfortunate circumstance that it was leaked is neither the fault of the males or the young girl. It’s just unfortunate that if she had of been a month or two older there’d be no crime here at all. Its just an embarrassed girl who’s true colors were revealed and now she wants to play the victim. Pity these guys have had to suffer because of it.