Why did Labour hide its education policy announcement?

So why would you release your education policy when there are huge stories around? There was no Labour press conference, no big announcement.

I’ll tell you why. Labour didn’t want it to get coverage.

Labour knows they have stolen most of National Standards, but have removed the part where schools have to report to the Ministry. In other words – the NZEI has ordered them to make sure there is no chance of journalists creating league tables.

This means that any information would be kept secret within the school.

This policy is purely for the unions, so they can hide bad teachers and stop parents comparing schools.

In fact, it is the opposite of what John Armstrong advised them to do in the Herald at the weekend.

Make no mistake, Labour are nothing but puppets for the NZEI.

And as for Sue Moroney, their education spokesperson?

A disaster, who is now stealing lines from Anne Tolley. Compare Moroney’s words on the Labour announcement on their webpage today:

“Under Labour every child will have the opportunity to achieve to their full potential”

To what Anne Tolley has been saying in almost every speech and press release for two years:

“This Government is determined to give every single young New Zealander the opportunity to reach their potential.”

Moroney has been busted. Thank god she will never be education minister.


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  • Even the mere thought that Sue Moroney might ever have any influence on education policy makes me fall to my knees and thank God that my children have almost emerged unscathed from the education merry-g0-round. It’s seriously scary.

  • thor42

    The day that Labour ever gets into government again and demolishes the NZEI will be the day that Helen Clark becomes Miss Universe.

  • diabolos

    Part of Tolleys problem seems to be that a large proportion of the population dont understand her national standards. God knows i have difficulty (which im sure wont surprise you all) understanding it.

    Personally speaking – there is a lot of unrest out in the land among parents of students … the education debate has seemed to be going on since the creation the very flawed tomorrows schools. All thats happened is they’ve bolted on more and more nippon clippons to that flawed edifice. The Ministry needs more teeth and power – ERO is a toothless wonder. Take out the BOT and internal so called management structures of schools set up under Tomorrows schools and i reckon you will solve many of the problems.

    The problem is the school level bureacracy that exists – it filters out the best efforts of the MOE and ERO – and the ones who suffer are the kids and their parents. You have these mini-states called schools that along with their Teaching staff vigorously defend their right to fuck up your kids education and future if you arent vigilant – and then if you arent happy – they have these huge charcoal filters through which your concerns have to drip drip drip. If your kid isnt in the top stream – or you lack influence at BOT level – you are screwed and so are your kids.

    Tolleys National Standards arent going to change it. Sweeping top to bottom change will.

    Just an opinion.