Why National will win easily

Can anyone imagine Helen Clark or even Phil Goff doing this?

This is a clear example of the drawing power and vote winning of bogan behaviour.

BTW I see the “mad-dog” arm wrestler at Canterbury University is a ranga – no doubt the left will say that John Key’s security guard was being cruel to animals.

A Canterbury University student going by the name “Mad Dog” has won an armwrestle showdown with one of Prime Minister John Key’s bodyguards.

Students challenged Mr Key to pit his best security guard against their best armwrestler during his visit to their campus this afternoon.

The battle between “Mad Dog” and the unidentified guard lasted about 20 seconds.

In TVNZ footage, Mr Key could be heard saying “Mad Dog’s obviously very strong”.

He later said he would have given the winning student a knighthood if he had been nominated for the New Year’s honours list.


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  • jem

    That’s was brilliant! Good on him!

    I don’t see the old dictator ever agreeing to that.. and as for Wet Sock Goff, well I think it’d have gone right over his head!

  • diabolos

    It certainly says something. If that statement sounds open-ended with a tinge of query and question-mark – it is …

    There is a lot of meaningful depth out there. Focusing on the things that matter … ctd

    Give them bread and circusses – lull the masses.

    You and others have correctly used the “bogan” analogy. Its very very very accurate. Its brilliant – get them (the masses) to vote National and their mates an income. Turn the tables on the peasants – dumbasses that they are.

    Burping and farting in public could be next.

    Or maybe – we will all wake up finally.

    • To use a well worn terminology DB, the PM is a man of the people. To use another one, he has the common touch. It has nothing to do with politics.
      Kirk had it, Churchill had it, JFK had it. Bush hasnt, Clark hasnt, Goff hasnt.

      BTW I’d like to know the last time that a Tory PM visited the Engineering faculty of any NZ Uni and left with such acclamation.

      You may call it bread & circuses – its actually called vote winning.

      • diabolos

        @ Alex If it escapes you Alex – there is good reason old son. And your last statement about key is quite right – so i agree with you.

        I think you actually missed the point. But keep trying (i say sneeringly)

        @Gazzaw – mate i agree with everything you have said. Thats my point. Think about it a bit more.

        I agree with both of you – you are both quite right. Thats the (sneering) point

    • Alex

      Oh dear, demonstrating once again that the Left ceased to be about ‘salt of the earth’ ordinary people, and instead populated by a sneering bunch who think themselves the intellectual, social and ethical self-appointed “elite”. You don’t like Key because he’s a state house boy who hasn’t stayed in his place — he dared to aspire to a better lie.. And quite why you think we need to “wake up” escapes me, given Key is largely just continuing the last Labour government’s policies.

      • diabolos

        Gotta say Alex … “he dared to aspire to a better lie…”

        Which lie – the one told by the Labour Movement that the welfare state was a crucible of possibility and opportunity – or the lie – that a life as a rapacious gambler producing nothing of any tangible benefit to anyone other than a very few (including himself) .. which lie Alex.

        Sneeringly yours – and still chuckling over your response …

      • Got to agree with you Alex. Modern Labour isn’t real socialism, they don’t know what its all about. I hate to hark back to the old times but my father was born into a Yorkshire mining family in the 1920s. His dad came back from Flanders to no job and bugger all pension. Poor? They were f*****g destitute. A family of six crammed into a 4 room Sheffield tenement. They weren’t on their own though, tens of thousands of other families were in the same boat & that’s when socialism had some validity and purpose. To this day the name Churchill (and latterly Thatcher) is still a forbidden name in many of those families.

        The current batch of X & Y gen kids of my Yorkshire family still have lingering socialist leanings but voted Conservative or Lib in the last election due to their bitterness over the betrayal by Blair, Brown and the rest of their corrupt ‘Labour’ mob. Correction, they didnt vote Conservative they voted against Labour’s brand of sociaism. Whether Cameron works out remains to be seen but Labour’s credibility amongs the younger UK voters has been dealt a massive blow.

        How long will it take for Labour to realise that its time to get back to their roots
        (apologies Mr Galloway-Smith). They seem to be missing the point in Aussie, UK and NZ. Easier said than done I suppose when you look at the namby-pamby pointy heads running the unions.

      • diabolos

        @gazzaw – brilliant comments mate – many thanks for sharing that.

        I can only agree about viewpoints regarding what constitutes true socialism.


    • frosty

      Aww fark off. It was a nice, good humoured encounter – sometimes it’s nice to see some genuine light hearted stuff amongst the childish bullshit that is NZ politics.
      Wake up finally? Why don’t you go the fuck back to sleep.

      • diabolos

        The word is “fuck” not “fark” – “fark” is used by short little blokes with pot guts wearing league jerseys to make their penis look bigger. Usually accompanied by burping and farting.

        I agree frosty – it was light (headed) hearted – its just how serious and substantial all you righties declare it to be in retrospect that amuses me.

        My batting average is getting better – 3 reactions in one hit.

        I do notice theres not a lot of support in the ranks though for the mincing scene down the catwalk. That one went very quiet.

        I tend to think JK without the F – doesnt so much have the common touch – he’s just read the worst aspects of our Kiwi psyche so well. Goebbels was a man of the people too. So was Benito. So was Augusto Pinoche – so was Osama Bin Laden – all cheap little demagogues are men of the people.

        Do i hear the sweet sound of knuckles being dragged along the footpath and sweat dripping off protruding brow ridges.

  • thor42

    I agree with jem – the Clark-beast would have given its awful “smile” and said “No.” Very likely that Goof would have done the same.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    I would love to be able to talk to someone who has been part of the DPS for both Key and Clark. Of course they would be bound some some sort of secrecy agreement, but I would love to hear some stories about the Clark years and how they contrast with the present holder of the office.

  • David Garrett

    the guy truly is a natural…but why wont he use some of that massive political capital he has and actually DO something? perhaps next term…

  • Kevin Campbell

    With a deeply hopeless opposition in Labour, no reform agenda to scare the horses and Act becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the National party its not hard to see why John Key and National are riding so high.

    This socialist National party governing alone is almost as scary as the potential Labour coalition.