Will he get 1000 votes?

John Minto is not popular. He works hard at not being popular. The good news is the people of Manukau East can tell him exactly how unpopular he is on 26th of November.

A popular, likeable guy like Matt McCarten with hard left views won only 849 votes in the Mana By Election. The unpopular John Minto running in a general election will do well to get as many as Matt did.

Maybe this will provide him with a reality check that shows that his dated rhetoric is not relevant today. Unfortunately he did not run years ago because his dated rhetoric has never been relevant to New Zealand.


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  • michaels

    Manakau East…. Does that run out to Botany and Howick? I’m conufused with Howick being dragged into South Auckland.
    There was the day that Howick was Auckland East, now it appears to be in South Auckland. Shame shame shame….

    Anyway, back to the point. Not that Minto is a threat to anything, but simple answer, send Sir Butch out to his brothers in “Manukau East” and tell them how to vote. Fuck, maybe put a bbq on and tell them.

  • rouppe

    It won’t matter to John Minto.

    He is an evangelist. Anyone who doesn’t agree with him is wrong. He is so full of his own self-righteousness that more than 1 vote will be a victory as far as he is concerned.

    • thor42

      Anyway – I **can’t wait** to see the results from Manukau East on election day!

  • greenmuppet

    Blast from the past. Still I’d imagine John will get a tick or two:

    GUYON: OK, let’s talk about some of those economic ideas that you did raise in my first question. You want a maximum wage of 10 times the minimum wage – minimum wage about 25,000 – so you want a maximum wage so that anyone who earns a dollar over $250,000 pays 100% tax to the government.

    JOHN: That’s one of the ideas that’s in our draft policy, yes.

  • Apolonia

    Remember Apartheid was bad in South Africa but is good in New Zealand where a minority have legislated privileges. Also because of his skin colour Robert Mugabe is a good guy and can’t be a racist. At least Margaret Mutu might vote for him.

  • petal

    How has he survived all these years? How does he earn a crust? Anyone know?

    • Glenn

      Was once a teacher… go figure.

    • notavictim

      pretty sure he’s a teacher. you’re kicking yourself now for not guessing that one eh!

    • MrV

      Er. Megaphone repair …

      • Gazzaw

        Er. Cosmetic surgery model…

  • diabolos

    A wise man (well i think he was wise) once told me – “never be defined only by what you are against…” That is the biggest self defeating enemy of the left wing – and on increasing occasions, of the right wing as well.

    We should all take a lesson.

    • Kimbo

      …as much as it pains me to say it, especially because I loathe Minto’s politics and methods, he has my admiration as one of the gutsiest people in NZ.

      For over 30 years the man has set his face like a flint to work for what he believes in. Not much else, including his judgment is admirable. But the man’s principles (and he does have some, even if we nearly all disagree with them) are not for hire. Case in point: Turning down as award from the ANC government in South Africa because he thought they had sold out.

      • diabolos

        Yep you are so right Kimbo – he is a man of principle – more often right than he is wrong. Now it is acknowledged that the apartheid regime was cringeworthy and bereft of any moral foundation.

        My point – his principles and his stand are right – absolutely right. Unfortunately truth and rightness arent much in demand in the beauty contest that passes for politics (if it ever was to begin with). He is remembered for what he stood against – not what he stood for.

    • Dion

      Someone should tell Russell Norman that.

  • Mr Blobby

    When you say principles not for sale, what about this countries steady march towards apartheid. He doesn’t think average New Zealand hasn’t been sold out.

  • georgeporgie

    Kimbo get your facts straight …..He was NOT nominated for the awards that he claims.
    This is the lump of shit who had never put his foot on African soil and was telling people how they should live.
    When he finally went to South Africa expecting to be greeted as some conquering Caesar,most Africans said “John Who?”
    An idiot will always be an idiot.