Will Mallard apologise?

Duncan Garner blogs the the attack dogs who behaved so disgracefully toward Erin Leigh should apologise:

Remember Erin Leigh? You may not.

Here’s a quick synopsis. She worked at the Environment Ministry in 2006 as a communications consultant and witnessed Labour Party Ministers David Benson-Pope and David Parker’s complete politicisation of the Department. Benson-Pope was sacked for lying over his role in getting rid of a completely competent and professional woman whose partner worked for the National Party. Then enter Parker the new Minister. Parker hired Clare Curran (now a Labour MP) as an “independent consultant” in the Department, to run the PR team – he claimed she was politically neutral.

In my opinion it was so Labour could control and run the messages the Department was sending out. Leigh left in the end – disgusted with what she witnessed, but stayed silent until I rang her in 2007. Leigh ended up speaking out, she was a brave and consummate neutral public servant – who witnessed something that was wrong. But the Labour Party, supported by the so called “neutral” public service management, brutally attacked her, her work and her reputation. Leigh took the Crown to the Supreme Court and last week she finally won.

That is the history, but will the protagonists now apologise:

Firstly, Leigh in my view deserves an apology, and a payout to not only cover costs, but to reflect damages. This has destroyed her in many ways.

The apology must first and foremost come from the State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie.

He needs to make good on all the rhetoric he and his Department talk about every day about ethics and the neutrality of the public service. A real and brave leader would stand up Iain. Make good on all your talk, and all your workshops. Because without an apology from you on behalf of the public service, your talk is cheap Iain.

I have always believed that consecutive State Services Commissioner’s haved protected and covered the backsides of the Government of the day – that’s their role – despite all their hollow talk of neutrality.

Mark Prebble covered Labour’s butt in this case, and documents I have prove Rennie was heavily involved behind the scenes in this one too. He must front and apologise on behalf of the Crown to Leigh immediately. Will he do it? I doubt it.

Mark Prebble should scratch his conscience and do it too.

If they won’t then the head of the Environment Ministry should stand up and do it. But he won’t get that past his boss Rennie.

David Parker should also acknowledge his role in all this and openly apologise to Leigh. Clare Curran should do the same.

Trevor Mallard’s apology at the time was half-hearted, coming out stronger now Erin Leigh has won her case certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Fatc hance Malalrd will apologise, his is the most outrageous attack, and done under the cover of parliamentary privilege. It was appalling and it was cowardly, both traits with which we have come to associate Trevor Mallard.


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  • Scanner

    The hardest thing to work out is which is worse the perpetrators in the first shameful incident, both the elected and the govt employed, the subsequent continued attempts to either derail, stifle, or hide what went on, or the refusal to apologize in any way shape or form.
    Mallard, Gow, and Parker are all cunts of the first order.
    The other saddening thing about this story is the way our so-called neutral media have played Emu and kept their heads in the sand.
    I would have no problem donating money to help Erin if she wanted to take this further, as has been suggested elsewhere, it would be worth it to see the smile wiped off the face of that smarmy prick Mallard.

  • Eric

    Shows that the haters and wreckers were closer to Clarke than she will admit. Mallard is a coward and a bully who is prepared to get up in public to tell outright lies and ruin a person’s reputation. He really is a dishonorable person. Of course he would not have said a thing if it were not sanctioned by the chief hater and wrecker herself. It’s actually good to remember some of the reasons that the previous Labour government was so hated by the electorate in the end and how Helen Clarke went from being just another politician to someone so despised by so many..

  • Chris

    Of course he won’t, and the more you ask him to the more likely he’ll challenge you to a cage fight.

  • Positan

    re Eric “He (Mallard) really is a dis­hon­or­able per­son.”

    Honour isn’t a word you’d ever associate with Labour MPs or Labour politics, and even more than their parliamentary forbears, those of the Clark administration distanced themselves much further from any understanding of the concept.

    Like Clark, Mallard’s actions have justifiably incurred the condemnation of decent New Zealanders, and he richly deserves the contempt in which he’s now held. While Clark will one day return to face full-on appreciation of how widely she’s despised, Mallard still has a few days of office left to restore a scrap of mana in doing the right thing by Erin Leigh. Will he? As Labour MPs picture themselves as faultless – I reckon not.