World Cup underway

The Opening Ceremony was very, very well done. Fantastic how they had the whole city involved. Really cool how they used the straddle cranes, Bean Rock etc.

Maori Television are doing a great job too.

To cap it off the All Blacks at half time are smacking up the Tongans.

I have to say that that inside pass by Sonny Bill was spectacular.

Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard will be feeling real sick in the guts tonight.

The whole week has been a big party, especially in South Auckland. You have to see the gauche-ness of the supporters cars to believe. I’ll start featuring photos over the coming weeks of their cars.


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  • P1LL

    It is a pity the world will see us as a grass skirt wearing nation , only three non Maori shown in the opening ! what happened to a mixed culture nation ?

  • whalewatcher

    Great ceremony.
    Fantastic to see Lomu involved. He was a fantastic player, cut short in his prime by severe illness, yet he never complained or made excuses. And the critics and public were vitriolic when he was ill but keeping his council – shame.
    Jonah was a Great and if he had not got renal failure, he would probably have been the greatest ever – at 36, he might even be out there tonight

    It’s celebration time in NZ – time to put aside disasters and financial pressures, and enjoy..

  • Andrew

    same as other culturally mixed countries…. we’ve been culturally hijacked!

  • sandynobb

    Who cares.

    • whalewatcher

      clearly you do – enough to comment

  • Deb

    @ Andre and P1LL – don’t be such sad sacks. Would you have us Morris or River Dancing or doing a jig perhaps?
    We live on two islands in the South Pacific, that makes us islanders. Our first people were the Maori and Auckland has a very large population of other Pacific Islanders. Our “Pacificness” is a unique brand, and why not showcase it to the world. Visitors love it and tourism operators thrive on it. I say we embrace it.

    Go the ABs and go NZ tourism.

    • I’m with you Deb. People sitting in Europe, North America & Asia want to see our Polynesian culture and are prepared to pay big money to come down and experience it. NZ Europeans don’t have much in the way of culture that will attract visitors from those markets.

    • Rockfield


      I agree with you. I am a fourth generation new zealander of european extraction. I consider myself native to this country.

      I consider myself a New Zealander, in fact I consider all who were born and bred here and are prepared to embrace the country are New Zelanders.

      Therefore if I am a native New Zealander, I must have also become a maori. AND, if that is what it needs to break down the racisim, hate speak and division in this country, bring it on !!

      Now, goiven that I am a maori …… what about my foreshore and seabed claims ??



  • Troy

    I thought the opening ceremony was awesome. Some turkeys around here don’t realise the audience is millions for this event and we were show-cased really well – so all you whingers – fuck off and let the rest of us Kiwi’s enjoy the moment. BTW I thought Key was good in delivering his speech and mentioned the tourism aspect and encouraging us to look after our visitors – did anyone notice the cheers when he was introduced? Poor ole Goof would’ve been pissed – more limelight for Key and waaay less for Goof and his troop (s?).

  • diabolos

    Im not sure why Phil and Trevor would be feeling sick. Both are All Blacks supporters and consistently barrack for NZ despite others attempts to politicise the issue.

    I note from the herald that the All Blacks beat Tonga. Thats a resounding victory. They also note that they seemed to lose the plot in the second half. Thats the problem with assymetric over-hyped battles. Too soon to count the chickens – they havent hatched.

    I also see that Aucklands transport system failed. They are already blaming Brown – and Cameron Brewer is also saying “he told them so”.

    Even had there been a split between Public Transport and Road (cars) it would still have failed. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to see that (every Auckland commuter knows that). I hope Steven “thomas” Joyce is listening and looking. He would have suggested that an 8 lane highway would have been the answer i’m sure. Was it planning – dunno – but some bright sparks will come up with a messianic ill conceived answer i’m sure.

    Auckland cant host an event like this – New Zealand cant host an event like this – just an opinion and i may be proved wrong. But you watch if it all turns pear shaped all the National and ACT types distance themselves and blame – you guessed it – Labour and Helen Clark who made the bid for it.

    So this world cup is an election decider eh – well i wouldnt be too quick to claim victory after an opening ceremony (where many people were made too late to attend and late to the first match) and a “thumping” of the small island nation of Tonga.

    One thing this Government has unearthed – is quite how fickle and unforgiving the NZ voter can become over time if they eventually start to think their crank has been yanked.

    What was it G Bush Jr (The President who effectively lowered the intelligence quotient of an entire Superpower) said ….

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee – I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee…that says, fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me…you can’t get fooled again.”

    George W. Bush quote

    And just some other George Bush gems that Key and his media-loving nature could take to heart …

    “In my sentences I go where no man has gone before.”

    “I’m the commander — see, I don’t need to explain — I do not need to explain why I say things. That’s the interesting thing about being president.” –as quoted in Bob Woodward’s Bush at War

    These leaders are so simple – and they appeal to simple people so directly. Nice Mr Key and his Government.

    Here is an anthem for the National Party … complete with Guns as well …

    The good ole boys of New Zealand Politics – in celebration of their vast achievements – SCF rich guy bailouts / Bailouts to Warners and Bugs Bunny and more to come … will anyone have any change left to keep?

  • NZGroover

    I was out Mangere way yesterday big ups to the Tongans. the colour and support was way ahead of anything else I’ve seen around Auckland.

    • Yeah Groover the Tongans have been impressive all week with their huge presence. Pardon me for being a bit of a grinch but why weren’t the adults at work & the kids at school?

  • grumpy

    Great spectacle but the world now knows that New Zealand consists only of Auckland and the majority population is maori and we all live in mud huts and wear grass skirts.

    a great spectacle hijacked from New Zealand by Auckland and the PC brigade.


    Geez Diabolic,
    Did you eat a bunch of red sour grapes?
    That is some verbal diarrhea you have espoused.

    • diabolos

      Yeah mate i probably did – but i get my switch flicked when the RWC gets interpreted as a matchwinning formula for politics … sheesh. Cant it just be the RWC opening ceremony was great?

      Anyway no more sour grapes for me Robbo. Off to enjoy the sunny day