October 2011

Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

Phil Goff said that Labour is focussing on policy, not personality. Is this yet another case of Labour and Phil Goff saying one thing and doing another?

Let’s have a look at the evidence shall we.

Of the last 15 posts on Red Alert:

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@NZNational says it was a real town hall meeting  – Personality attack, outright lies
Nek Minnit National – Leadership ? – Personality attack
Tweet of the Week – no policy, just focussing on the things that matter, like Twitter.
Everyone’s talking about asset sales, including National – Policy
Labour with Auckland will deliver City Rail Link – Policy
TVC to get rail link vote Labour – Policy
National sleepwalking – see this months activity plan – Personality attack
John Key and National want 100% of kids above average – Personality attack
English flicks Merrill Lynch excesses – Personality Attacks
Nek Minnit National – The Economy – Personality attacks

UPDATE: 16 posts now and another personality attack (#Keyhole for fact check)

So just three on policy, the vast majority on personality attacks. It certainly looks like Phil Goff’s promise to debate on policy and not personality is rather hollow right now.

Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

Labour continues to prove they are the nasty party. They have actually abandoned any semblance of rationality and Key Derangement Syndrome has set in.

For more than 6 years they have run smear campaigns, botched investigations into John Key’s background, told outright lies and attacked him for the way he speaks, the way he walks, the way he dresses.

It hasn’t been a good plan, for more than 6 years they have attacked John Key and he remains New Zealand’s most popular Prime Minister since records began.

Their own focus groups have been telling Labour for months if not years that attacks on him don’t work, that Labour voters in fact like John Key. Yet the “brains trust” of Labour’s campaign persists in the negative, they persist in the nasty and they persist in ignoring their focus groups and internal polling.

Tonight they launch a new phase in the attacks and focus on personality that Phil Goff promised not to focus on.

Here is an email sent out by campaign strategist Trevor Mallard:

It’s official – Winston supporters are “la-la”

This video came in via the tip-line. It’s from Winston’s campaign launch in the weekend.

Members of the Whale Army said that there were a significant number of the 600 (more like 200) that were there solely for the free John Rowles concert. People were spotted leaving once Rowles left the stage before Winston gave his address.

Cult of Personality

Like all political parties, New Zealand First conferences are a good opportunity for a party to sell merchandise. But one would think that photos of the dear leader is a bit far!

Policy not Personality, Ctd

Phil Goff has said he will focus on policy and not personality. So why does he continually go back to the personality politics:

The Labour leader also accused the Prime Minister of lying over claims the Labour Party would need to borrow more to pay for their election promises.

…”There is as much truth to that comment as there was when John Key got up in the House and claimed that Standard and Poors had said they would downgrade New Zealand if New Zealand was elected,” he told Radio New Zealand.

“That was a lie and this is a lie. There is absolutely no truth in that at all.”

So calling the Prime Minister a liar isn’t at all personality politics is it?

Never mind that Labour has yet to front with some actual costings, all they ever say is that they have costed everything…well good for them, since they have done it how about showing us the workings?

Campaign Moments – Shane Jones, Ctd

This is a cracker…after picking his teeth and appearing disinterested on TV3, and then saying Phil Goff was trying to beguile the media into believing he could walk on water.. he has now issued a press statement saying the following.

You can’t make this stuff up. Inept is a word too kind.

Mental Health Break

Maryan gives up on Nelson

The Nelson Mail on Saturday reported Maryan Street saying:

“She admits that her primary focus is on securing party votes for Labour, and that the party’s dream of knocking Dr Smith out of the electorate is “much longer term”.

So while she says “I’m serious about wanting to be the MP for Nelson”, she admits in the next breath “I don’t know what my chances are”.

I’ll tell you what her chances are…they’re hopeless…Nick Smith will slay her, again.

But he would spend more

Phil Goff is talking about debt:

Debt is out of control … we’ve been downgraded for the first time in 13 years. Labour has a serious plan to deal with that debt. We’ve got to get that debt down.”

Mr Goff said the party’s policies were fully costed and affordable.

 Labour has promised to spend $16 billion more than National so far in this election, that is going to have to be funded from debt. It isn;t really credible for Phil Goff to talk about paying down debt when his own spending plans massively increase it.

Campaign Moments – Shane Jones

Shane Jones outdid himself last night…

In the 3 News piece he was picking his teeth with what appears to be the Labour’s Len Brown inspired Transport policy, and on TV One he appeared to introduce Phil Goff as the man who is trying to beguile voters into believing that he can walk on water.