2 days left to roll Phil Goff

2days left to roll phil goff


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  • boptrev

    3 months ago you were wetting yourself saying Goff had only a few days left. If he gets to Thursday you owe him a blog apology.

    • Really? Have you not considered that by my saying he was going to be rolled made sure he wasn’t and that has been my plan all along???

      Now Labour are stuck with the putz.

      • diabolos

        Baldric – i’ve got a plan so cunning … you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel ….

        Baldric – go and get me a christmas turkey that looks like its mother was rogered by an omnibus.

        As you are Cam – i am excited at the prospect of another series of Blackadder.

        “i shall call myself … the black … vegetable….”

        “hey nonny nonny nay – (hot sex madrigal)…”

        the one I loved was episode of the election in the rotten borough of “little wopping on the mould” or some such name – where the only opponent managed to stab himself in the back while jumping off a bridge… leaving mr E Blackadder to win convincingly.

        Ah the sweet land of politics and intrigue.