Another SMOG from Labour

Every now and then I get asked by politicians what they should do about Twitter or Facebook. I tell them to leave it alone, stay away from it. When they ask why I tell them because there are people like me out there watching and waiting for them to stuff up and it only has to be once and the gig is up.

Labour’s Rodney candidate, Christine Rose,  has just had her one big mistake make the big time.

By alluding to the belief that it seems all Labour has that John Key is evil and by connecting him to the deaths of over 200 people as if he is personally responsible she has shown voters that Labour haven’t learned a thing from their H-fee smear that backfired.

They can’t run a website, can’t be trusted, and are out of touch with voters. This is why Labour will bomb on November 26.


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  • Rightoverlabour

    The more the merrier I say. If people can’t work out that its John Key’s fault there was an earthquake, a mining explosion and a shipping disaster, then we need labour to tell them. I think they are probably blaming the tsunami in Japan, the European debt crisis and the Iceland volcano, amongst others, on him too. Brilliant strategy. Masks the disastrous economic ideas and the “power to the Unions” strategies that are sure to put off intelligent voters….

  • sthnjeff

    Interesting that the skank has taken down the posting from her fb page. It is one thing for some rabid party activist to pull a stunt like that but to have a candidate doing it…. ohhh wait I forgot about Fenton …. beyond beleif really

  • michaels

    Wonder who she got the phone call from to pull it.
    Guessing it wasn’t Goff, he wouldn’t know what was going on around “Jones’s” troups.

  • Anonymous

    So even Labour believe that John Key is God.

  • Agent BallSack

    This is going around the troops…I am pretty sure Mallard had it up the other day too but upon rechecking his FB page, surprise its gone.

  • Spiceracker

    hah…as if Slater.

  • thor42

    Desperation stuff…….
    Anyway – I have NEVER seen a campaign ANYWHERE in the world where the leader of a party has had such a low profile as Goof. He is **nowhere** to be seen. Unbelievable. 

    • Agent BallSack

      Only Osama bin Laden has had a lower profile…hey worked for him!

  • notavictim

    hey nutcracker- you are the perfect example of left wing nastiness, aren’t you lucky your not moderated here like on a red communist controlled site.

  • Anonymous

    More Labour nastiness.

  • thor42

    Here’s a pertinent question, I’d say – 
    “Why should anyone vote for Labour when it is obvious that they are ashamed of their own leader?”   

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