Asset Sales and Compulsory Super

Labour doesn’t want to extend the mixed ownership model any further. They call it Asset Sales and they actually lie when they say in their ads that “you can’t buy them back”. They bought back two assets in their last term in office. Air New Zealand and Kiwirail.

Air New Zealand is already in the mixed ownership model and is working well.

On the opther hand they are also going to compel compulsory superannuation. Personally I think this is a good thing. However in compelling compulsory super they are also creating a massive amount of investment money over time.

Where is that money going to go? The NZX? I doubt it. More likely under their combined policies of No Asset Sales and Compulsory Super we care going to have these massive super funds invest Kiwi workers savings in offshore companies.

By preventing the partial listing of great infrastructure assets like power?companies?and the like they are forcing those super funds to invest in other countries power companies.

I could be wrong here, but that is how I see it panning out. Labour is actually planning to export our savings.