Bitter Aussie Whinging

The Aussies are whinging after the All Blacks cut their throats last weekend:

The All Blacks need to dump the throat-slitting gesture at the end of the Kapa O Pango haka as it reminds people the “Maoris (sic) once engaged in unspeakable conduct”, according to an Australian commentator.

Sydney Morning Herald columnist Paul Sheehan?writes today that “the violence suggested by throat-slitting gestures has no place in sport or sportsmanship, especially in the national colours”.

In an opinion piece about simple gestures meaning a lot in the ultra-competitive world of sports, Sheehan says that “just before kick-off the All Blacks will perform the greatest ritual in world sport, the haka”.

However, he warns the team and its management might want to consider what exactly they are symbolising.

“If some of the All Blacks persist in ending this latest version of the haka with a throat-slitting motion, they will be using a very big stage to remind people the Maoris once engaged in unspeakable conduct, which we don’t discuss any more.

I’ve got one word for Paul Sheehan – “Tasmania