Broke or Ignored?

Labour aren’t having a campaign launch:

The Labour Party has broken from tradition by deciding not to have an official campaign launch this year.

It will instead mark the start of its campaign in a low-key way – with a policy announcement on savings to media tomorrow in its own caucus room.

The decision not to have a launch event is unusual – the events are considered to provide valuable media and television coverage of a leader speaking to an audience of supporters in the lead up to the election.

Is Labour trying to hide their inept and ineffectual leader? For a man who would pretend he wants to be Prime Minister it’s amazing he won;t even have a campaign launch. So on a day when Labour should have been focussing on the economy instead the media are talking about how tits they are at not having a campaign launch.

But no matter the spin is:

Labour is running a campaign based on policy and the team and not trying to create some sort of personality cult.

How refreshing.

Oh my, she has been gone a scant three years and already they have forgotten the Dear Leader.