Cactus’ Intrepid Journey

Cactus went on an intrepid journey yesterday…to Aotea Square to get down amongst the smelly hippies.

What I saw reinforced further that if these occupiers are the future of New Zealand are indeed the 99% then New Zealand is utterly poked. The pathetic heaving underclass is alive but not well in Aotea Square for sure.

I approached the area firstly underwhelmed with the size of, well everything. If it was a bloke in a bar and you had a pre-squeeze, it wouldn’t be coming home with you. Too small.

…In summary if these losers and degenerates want to get noise they should move and “go big”.

Occupy Shortland Street.

It would be loud, rude, stop traffic and disrupt $700+ an hour lawyers and barristers getting to work. Aotea Square is nothing. It’s like pissing in the ocean. Doesn’t matter. If these hippies, dope smokers, Mana party members and fuckwit middle class kiddies want to nake a statement pack up their middle class tents and occupy Shortland Street.

If you are gonna go.

Go big. Or go home. Which is it going to be Occupy?


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  • Ghostwhowalksnz

    Still comes out as a bigger crowd than those who want to be on the ACT party  list, even counting no shows.
    The Arab spring was sparked  by a single vegetable stall holder,.

    I do agree with the spiny spinster on one point , occupy shortland street has a better ring to it, plus has better bars and eateries and is home to the Auckland Club

    • Fuck you are a loser. The Auckland Club hasn’t been there since 2010 after going broke and amalgamating with the Northern Club.

      • Ghostwhowalksnz

        Going broke , who would have known that could happen. 
        You would hope the Parnell Tennis Club would go broke and they would give up the public land they ‘occupy’ behind the domain.

        • Guest

          I’ve always thought Dave Lennard had the answers for this question

    • Thorn

      Shortland Street is home to many lefty QCs, shonky legal practices and miscellaneous do-gooders. Its a perfect place to occupy and disrupt.

      • Gazzaw

        No grass though and a bit steep for pitching tents. Where could they build the kitchen? Maybe communise the piecart.

    • Hieronymous Parsonsen

      The only thing that the two events have in common is the word “vegetable”

  • thor42

    Well said. 

  • Jeffk759

    Be informed on a credible basis about the debate.

    The New Scientist’s most read article – published 23 October 2011.–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html