Caption Contest

Posted last night via Phil Goff’s Twitter. I wonder what all the haters at The Standard think now about the “class traitor” they have been wishing ill-will upon.



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  • Notrotsky

    No wonder The Warriors lost with the accursed ones in attendance


    Xmas comes early at The Mad Butcher – Sir Peter gives the thumbs up to his new 3 sizes of Turkey!

  • Anonymous

    Make the most of that VIP tag Goofy!

  • Michaels

    And Phil on TVNZ this morning, glotted about spending the night at the netball with Sir Pete, I wonder if it was really the night or infact it was just a photo op?

  • sthnjeff

    Funny that Goof was sying on his Twitter Post… no hard feelings!!! Suggest he has a look at your excellent post on the interview with Butch.

    I am no body Language expert,┬ábut having met Butch on a number of ocassions professionally and privately, the look on his face suggests he has just eaten a $20 pack of cold vommit sausages rather than a bloke who is enjoying an evening out with mates..mate …to be fair!

  • Anonymous

    No doubt the long suffering taxpayer paid for those two parasitic beneficiaries to be there( you know which ones).

  • corner-shop…not

    Daffy Duck Mallard: “tshuckering succatash, goofy quick lets get this photo op with Butch and then everything will be aliright, dumb voters won’t know i’ve got a gun to his head forcing him to like us……”

  • Tookinator

    Why is Goff wearing a ‘VIP’ badge? ‘Very Important Person?’ To whom? Himself maybe, not anyone else.

    • Dangerous Den

      I think the organizers got Goofys’ VIP Badge right……. Vile Idiotic Poser

  • Tristanb

    Mad Butcher: “Who the hell is this guy in the tie?”

  • Agent BallSack

    Damn, theyre all ass hurt little retards over at the standard

  • Cactus Kate

    MB “I reckon Phil your only hope is to donate a kidney to Jonah”

  • Si

    MB ” I might be able to sell the duck, not sure aobut the lame donkey.”

  • Gary Fox

    The photo op ended badly when, instead of smoothing matters over with Sir Peter, Phil and Trevor were branded class traitors.