Chauvel is lying

A massive stoush has broken out over who said what and even who didn’t hear what over the homophobic name calling of Trevor Mallard.

David Farrar has been called a liar as has the Wellington Central Act candidate Stephen Whittington, by Jordan Carter and by Grant Robertson. Green MP Kevin Hague has backed up Farrar and Whittington.

In the debate Charles Chauvel has stated that he has never heard the “tinkerbell” insult and that if he had he would have said something. Well the man must have clothe ears.

In the video of the incident where Trevor Mallard clearly, both over the sound system and recorded in Hansard calls Chris Finlayson “Tinkerbell Charles Chauvel can be seen sitting there not more than 3 seats away from Trevor Mallard.

Charles Chauvel cannot claim not to have heard the insult. The video evidence suggest otherwise. It is looking more and more like it is Labour MPs and apologists who are the ones doing the lying. Here is another shot just after Mallard has been pulled up for his insult.

You really have to wonder why these MPs tell bald faced lies when the video evidence is available to all to prove their lies.


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  • Quintin Hogg

    Charles probably didn’t hear the name calling because it looks like he wasconcentrating hard playing spacies on his computer.

  • Agent BallSack

    lol beaten to it…actually more like some one handed typing if you catch my drift…God only knows what gay sites he’s surfing with his screen hidden behind that divider.

  • Rosa19

    interesting how these issues have rolled, left to right etc over the years … “In the early 1970s, when this movement emerged, Labour was dominated by social conservatives.  It was a National Party MP, Venn Young, not a Labourite who in 1974 introduced the first bill to liberalise the laws on same-sex activity.  Prominent Labour MPs denounced Young’s bill and argued that homosexuality was a perversion.  The Labour caucus was still so anti-gay that they purged former Agriculture Minister Colin Moyle from their ranks on the slightest suggestion he was gay.  And it was National who had the first out gay MP, Marilyn Waring, well over a decade before Labour’s out gay MPs started appearing…”

    • Kimbo

      yes, back in the days when Labour party MPs shared the traditional Irish Catholic/Methodist values of much of the working class they represented.

      A bit different now with the advent of the chardonnay socialists.

  • Roflcopter

    Of course he’s lying… the powder puff lies every time he opens his mouth

  • Shaky Isles

    I note also that Chris Carter was sitting next to Trevor Mallard when he made the “tinkerbell” remark,and there was no reaction.I wonder what might have happened if such a remark had been directed at him from the other side?