Chris Trotter is dreaming of a by-gone era

While Chris Trotter might be right talking about the Labour party he is dead wrong talking about VSM.

When one panicky university foolishly decided to deny its SRC the use of the meeting space it had commandeered, its delegates barred the doors and called on the student body to defend them. Thousands of students responded.

Police were called. Students were batoned, tasered and arrested. But the defensive ring held. The SRC presidents, meeting by video conference, called for a nationwide student strike.

It is safe to say this will not happen. This is not the sixties. Students do not strike any more in any numbers. They do not complain too much anymore, they just want to get their education and get a job. And maybe a few beers, a root and for the more adventurous, a joint.

There will be no mass protest movement, and there will be little public sympathy for people who are getting subsidised so they can get a higher income outside university.