Coddington Highlights National’s Problems

It is not often I agree with Deborah Coddington but today is an unusually sage this morning.

But let’s face it, National has no credible support partner right now. It can only rely on Peter Dunne. Who knows how many MPs the Maori Party will bring back to Parliament? Key has ruled out working with Hone Harawira and Winston Peters (even if NZ First does make it back).

Then there’s Act. Or, should I say, then there was Act.

Deborah highlights that National under MMP is in severe trouble after this election. They have no natural support parties. Yet their heads are so far in the sand they will not take a position on the electoral reform referendum. Their political foes have no such qualms and are even registered to spend up to $300,000 each telling us how they prefer New Zealand under the heel of MMP.


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  • Angela

    you really have a problem with MMP don’t you? As I said before, just because it may not suit National in future is not a good enough reason to discard it. You need to provide other reasons why MMP might not be as good a system as FPTP

    • I don’t support FPP.

      Logically I prefer PV because I like the idea of ranking all candidates. However politically that is impossible to sell tot eh electorate. Therefore reluctantly I support Sm as a watering down of the bollocks that is MMP.

      You see the thing is Angela, the National party fears the comments of people like you even though they are massively high in the polls. That fear cripples them. MMP cripples New Zealand.

      One of the big promises of the MMP crowd last time was that with a change of voting system wee too could be like Germany. That hasn’t happened, and never will.

      MMP means that what voters vote for they never get, it has built in weasel clauses that allows politicians to break promises because “our coalition partners made us”.

      It is bollocks and it needs to go. Unfortunately for the cowardice of national apathy will win the day.

      If it is ok for the Greens and Labour and almost the entire union movement to state a preference for a system that supports them then why not national. It is only cowardice on their part that prevents them.

      • Angela

        I don’t have a problem with National or any party stating a preference for one system or another.

        I don’t agree that MMP cripples New Zealand or that it provides an excuse for breaking promises. I remember only too well the many promises made by both major parties (under FPP) which were never implemented when they got power. Who needs excuses when they’re in power?

        However in recent times I think we’ve seen movement towards, dare I say it?, more honesty in politics. Helen with her promise card and John with his prior to election statements about not partnering with Winston for example. This sort of stuff didn’t happen under FPP.

        I agree our democratic system is imperfect and we should not be satisfied with it yet, but I think MMP has worked better than FPP did. At least voters are more accurately represented. Under FPP we got governments which gained fewer votes than the second place party.

        At least we’re not in the mess that is American politics :-)

        Unfortunately the referendum doesn’t ask us what we would like from a range of choices, only MMP or FPP and I’d rather go forward than back.

        I don’t understand “Sm”, sorry, can you enlighten me?

        • That would be the promise card that Labour stole $840,000 of taxpayers money to send out.

  • Angela

    Maybe the Nats have decided to work with MMP. All they need is one or two small right wing parties each with an entrenched MP. Wouldn’t be too hard to set up. Human beans can find ways round any system if they so choose.

  • Kevin Campbell

    One thing concerns me deeply about this referendum. From what I read and understnd any vote for a system other than MMP will proportionally deliver NZ more Maori seats.

    Maori and NZ dont need Maori seats fullstop. It is an impediment to them and the prime reason they are so highly represented in the wrong stats. I think it is also why we are struggling to move forward as a nation.

  • MrV

    Just shows even when she’s trying not to write about ACT, she ends up wiriting about them. Then there’s another dig at Brash over his wife. WTF?

    She’s lost the plot entirely with this reference to the greens policies: “Even if the job figures come in at half their predictions, it’s still good news for the country”.

    Since when can politicians forecast how many jobs will be created, when it is not them creating them?
    Even Obama (the great oracle that he is), had to resort to the ‘created or saved’ line, to save himself from the folly that job creation is some predictive science that politicans can know. If it is that easy surely we would have 0% unemployment a long time ago.

    Ask Debroah if she’s heard of Solyndra.