Couldn’t tell the truth then, can’t tell it now

Mike Williams, former Labour party President and the one who famously went to Australia to dig dirt on John Key in the H-Fee smear is having a truthfulness problem.

I’ve met Don Brash twice.

The first time was during the 2005 election campaign when I was in a shopping mall in Henderson. I don’t think he recognised me because he thrust some sort of electronic device under my nose and invited me to calculate my tax cut.

I remember typing in some measly income which was probably true at the time, at which point he lost interest and let me get back to my filled roll.

This is the same Mike Williams that Labour appointed to no less than six boards including Transit amongst others while he was president of their party. At one stage during his tenure he was pulling in more than $350,000 p.a. in directors fees alone from his government board positions.


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  • NX

    On 9 to Noon yesterday Mike Williams was claiming that the 50 billions the govt has had to borrow since it has been in power has absolutely nothing to do with Helen Clark’s Labour govt – in power for nine long years.

    My god – such willfully deceit. 

  • B.Whitehead

    He did an interview for the NZ herald before the last election, where he mentioned that he only earned about $25,000 from being president of the labour party. He was on various boards then, but somehow that didn’t get mentioned…