Dirty Tricks?

A source sent me this image.

It is the design for a sticker that is being prepared in the lead up to the election. Quotes are being sought from printers and sign-writers right now.

It is totally illegal, has no authorisation, and looks like it’s being produced so vandals can apply them to National billboards.  I’m on the trail of who is behind this campaign so stay tuned.

If members of the Whale Army have heard anything about this dirty tricks campaign, or if you see these stickers appearing let me know via the tipline.


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  • frosty

    How about we make up some stickers of similar font and colourways, saying ‘credit’ to tack on to the end of this piece of crap wherever it may appear…

    • frosty

      would just need an idea of scale…

      • frosty

        or Labour ‘deserve more’ time off

      • The dimensions of the original image suggest they are being designed to put on billboards

        • frosty

          Rather large – but could be turned around pretty quick if just a sheet sticker and not vinyl. Wait and see if they actually follow through I guess?

  • Petal

    Please fellow voters, don’t let people who think this is OK back into parliament.  

  • OMG – the plot thickens!


    – P

  • BKS

    Can I have this as a bumper sticker, please?

  • Name and shame Cam; name and shame.

  • kevin

    quack ?

  • Elgoog

    Ask David Parker….didnt he seem to have a sticker to add to his billboard pretty quickly after Don Brash’s “legalise cannibas” speech that he (David) put on his (david’s) billboard saying “Vote banks and get two dopes” or something to that effect?

  • Hans Versluys

    The rich do deserve more, no?

  • Notrotsky

    More slimey campaigning to come.


    • frosty

      I posted a response, won’t make it past moderation as usual, but it’s obviously not somebody from the left. Even a P-user wouldn’t stoop so low as to have an affair with a lefty.

      • Notrotsky

        Oh well if they go down this track it will just lead to mutually assured destruction as I’m sure the amount of filth that one side has is replicated by the other.

  • Thorn

    My bumper sticker preference is FCUK THE POOR.

    • RW4L


  • RW4L

    Why the outrage? I think it’s great that National help the people who are actually the most productive for the country – which are the wealthy. If anything I think National should embrace the fact that they are going to help the rich, what the hell is wrong with that anyway?!

  • Fozzie61

    Oh please Cam – this is just old political jousting – and one in any of the youth wings of the parties did this type of stuff …. maybe it is just all struck a nerve ….  the voters are becoming pissed off with this government – the magic money trader is being exposed, as is his inability to front up to  personal criticism …. maybe  the emperor has no clothes after all …

    • Actually it is worse than that, all will be revealed in due course.

    • Robroynz1

      Jolyon White has  hit the nail on the head with ‘The Rich Deserve More’ slogans, this is more or less the question at every election anywhere anytime.

      Does a country share the tax base fairly or do you have a dog eat dog and survival of the fittest mentality? Re the storm he’s caused-the Nats have only got themselves to blame really,

      If they didn’t spend so much time talking so little about their real agenda the billboards would not have had anywhere near the impact they did..

      The stunt got the National Party where it hurts, right in the conscience..They can laugh off moustaches but not these slogans. The truth must come out in the end.

      For all who go on about private property damage ,vandalism etc, I would say it’s hardly terrorism, get real and don’t confuse a victimless , humorous expression of political protest or civil disobedience  with a real crime.
      Sure it technically flouts the law ,as does all civil disobedience or political protest to a certain extent, but the real crime here was that the Key government was exposed and ridiculed and they had nowhere to hide. Hence their usual overkill response of ‘shoot the messenger’.

      Paula Bennett started this tradition  early on by illegally making public the names and incomes of solo mums who dared criticise her policies (Q:why does she still have her job?) and Key continues the modus operandi into this campaign . He acts like a mini dictator by slyly suggesting that lawsuits are not being ‘ruled out’ at anybody ( including the press!!!!!!!!!) who dares upset his pleasant  little ride into a 2nd term as NZ’s most un-opinionated (read: uninformed and uneducated) PM of all time.

      Shame on the Greens for being so scared of being associated with a man of such obvious compassion  such as Jolyon White.. Make a non aggression pact with the $55 Million dollar man at your peril Russel Norman.

      You  may well like my brand  new song –
      The Prime Minister is a Multimillionaire-Rob Roy NZ singer/ songwriter
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      He wont vote nuclear-free
      He don’t like the RMA
      He’s had enough of treaty claims
      He says he wants to hear your views
      Unless you’re Keisha Castle-Hughes
      He says you’ve got to help your mates
      Sir Peter Jackson needs a tax break
      He don’t care for welfare mums
      He’s only here to help his own chums
      . ,
      Cheers Rob

  • Anonymous

    Just Make up red signs that say things like: Spending other People’s money, or: Making Promises we cannot afford.

    The real issue though is that creaters of these signs do not realise who the real National party voters are. They are the people who get up at 6am, put in an honest days work, take personal responsibility and do not like the so called “less fortunate” to take the government and their taxes for a ride. If the formula above makes them rich, well good on them.

    • Thorn

      And to recognise Labour’s Rainbow members, NO ASS SALES.

    • Anonymous

      Correction Grizz, instead of “less fortunate” I believe the correct term is “our most vulnerable” It gives me the shits

  • Johnboy

    Can’t be liarbour people doing it they left TAX off the end.

  • Anonymous

    This is British, but applies here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnxPuidq1qQ

  • SHG

    Another for the trophy room. Well done Cam.

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