Disaster Tourist, Ctd

Phil Goff likes to have pictures taken of him with shovels.

This is the one from this morning which we now know was staged:

And then this one from Christchurch which is presumably staged as well:

And then this one from Christchurch as well where he is standing next to a shovel which is in the hands of an expert:


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  • greenmuppet

    Oh, no. Phil is a chain shovel addict.


    is Phil picking up Parakura Horomea or Philip Field – i cant tell

    • Thorn

      The difference between bunker oil and these two are clear. Firstly, black is beautiful but brown is the colour of shite. Secondly, oil works, these two do not. Thirdly, one can clean the beaches of oil spillage, but not the tribal child-killing pollution.

  • michaels

    I’m pleased he’s not helping out on my farmlet, holding a shovel like that he wont last long.
    Pathetic person.
    And to think Ya mate Trev made such a fuss about JK’s facebook page compared to Phils.

  • greenmuppet

    ShovelA symbol of suffering and sacrifice for The Greater Good™. Used in hard labor therapy or in self-criticism sessions to redeem potential thought crimes. Every citizen must keep his or her shovel in good repair at all times and bring it to the railroad station if called to duty by the Commissar. The shovel is an important part of Earth Day festival, or Sacrificial Earth Shoveling Day, celebrating the death and rebirth of Great Lenin.

  • Cactus Kate

    Charlie Shovel

  • sup

    I’m guessing you didnt feel like posting the many photos of John key holding shovels in staged photos for personal reasons, photos that I can actually prove are staged not presume they are with out evidence like you have done here to Phill. I was just looking at some of them on Facebook. you should take a look. As for my evidence to Johns photos being staged…. well the shovel is Brand New with no dirt on it and John always has a shiny suit on while holding the shovel. That is what you call staged fool. Nice smear piece tho, your talented. I mean you’ve got people complaining about how phill holds a shovel and going as far as to call him pathetic for it. 

    • Anonymous

      sup, if you have the proof as came forward to Cam, post it up…. Come on, out with it, you have come in all cock sure, now show your goods!

      “actually prove”, come on sup

    • Sup; living, breathing proof of the need for National Satndards in Literacy

    • Alex

      The fatal flaw with Sup is that any politician is entitled to post any self-aggrandizing stage photos they want on facebook — one would expect nothing less.  However, it is a completely different thing for a politician to get his/her photo in the news media in a sad attempt to show they’re doing something.  Goff makes me sick: if he wanted to win votes he should have gone to Key and ask “how can the Labour Party help”.  The same with the Greens.   To knowingly exploit people’s genuine anger and grief at what’s happened to try to win votes is beyond the pale.  So too is demoralising those people working day or night to do something by constant attacks.  There should be an Inquiry after all of this.  But until that happens opposition politicians should stop attacking and start helping.

      • Shaky Isles

        I agree that I’d like to see the link to John Key with the shovel,but I don’t doubt it’s true.But I think that you Alex are being either naive or disingenuous if you think that that JK and the National party would have offered their help if the boot was on the other foot.Not sure I really see the distinction between facebook and TV news in this day and age either.Having said that,I do think Mr Goff’s performance was pretty lame-makes me wonder about the political nous of the Labour Party….

        • Alex

          “But I think that you Alex are being either naive or disingenuous if you
          think that that JK and the National party would have offered their help
          if the boot was on the other foot.:”

          Can you tell me where I suggested otherwise?  I’ve been scathing of people turning this into a partisan political event in my other comments — it goes both ways. 

          Accepting that National might not have been better if it were in opposition, does this excuse Labour and Greens?

  • Anonymous

    Of course its staged,they are all staged , like a fucking politician has ever worked up a sweat doing manual labour ,ever in the history of politics.
    What a pack of fucking wankers.

  • Cadwallader

    Now it is dead, he may as well bury the Labour Party as it really is beginning to stink!

  • jabba

    I must say though that Goff was better off having a photo op holding a shovel than standing between a couple of laughing donkeys

  • Bill

    He is obviously good at shoveling the shit.

  • bruno32

    The last time I Used a Shovel dressed in a suit was when I helped to bury my mother.I have no idea what goff was trying to achieve at this contrived photo opportunity.

  • thor42

    Key has come across very poorly in all this (as the government as a whole have). At a time when rapid and decisive action was needed (not to mention leadership), we see him standing around mouthing platitudes and sound-bites. Today, to make things worse, we see him opening the Tupperwaka in Auckland. Not a good move, seeing him smiling up there while people are scrambling around on the beaches in the Bay of Plenty. 
      If he has any media sense at all, he will try to keep out of the limelight for the next couple of weeks at least (and that includes the RWC final). Better that he coop himself up and do some work planning a lawsuit against the ship-owners.
    A lawsuit for several billion in punitive damages may get their attention.  

    • Better4ever

      On about the third day Jo Ke was putting up a hoarding in Hamilton.Actually he was holding the shiny hammer while,GuessWhat!, smiling into the camera lens.Also heard he
      was opening a supermarket the other day. He also needs a new smile, the old one is starting to look like Paris Hiltons’.

  • Thingy

    Here he is, running another disaster waiting to happen…oh hang on, it already has….http://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/5780238/Labour-is-back-Goff

  • Fozzie61

    Nothing new in the debate here – the bigger issue is why does this Govt and their buddies always want to protect and reduce the regulations  taxes on these bastards to privatise the profit, and as soon as there is trouble we the taxpayers are now fronting up for their f*** ups and misadventures ?

  • Kevin Campbell

    Phil takes the saying “I want to talk to the shovel not the shit” to a whole new level.