Don’t meet your enemies

Andrew Sullivan has found the perfect summation of my rational for not spending any time what so ever with pinkos.

Do not meet your opponents:

I got to know long-time personal piñatas and found that they were — can you believe it? — human beings, often perfectly nice human beings with perfectly nice families. Even worse, the first words out of their mouths were sometimes, “I admire your work” — and once an author hears that, his estimation of the person voicing this pleasing judgment immediately rises. (She thinks I’m good, therefore she must be good.) At that moment your inventory of ready-made-always-available-in-a-pinch targets would be diminished by one, and since the list is never really that long, the loss of one would be serious. Of course, it might be the case that the person you have learned to dislike in print is even more dislikable in the flesh (oh happy day!), but you can’t count on that and so it is better, all things considered, not to take any chances.


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  • Yeah, it’s risk, finding rapport with your online ‘enemies’! ;-)

    Not to be provocative, but I take almost exactly the opposite view of this …
    I find it’s enormously valuable to get face to face with those whom you criticise and own your words and judgements … and let them ‘see’ who you are. 

    You can only learn from the experience in my view … (um, UNLESS it’s a bloke who is the Minister of Police and it’s in the Beehive basement car park and it’s just the two of you and he leans towards you and says ‘I will destroy you’… those sort of meetings, meh, not so much).

    – Peter

    • Where do I begin? Well with every intention of being provocative and in fact down right rude! I have this to say. LOOK in the mirror paepae. Your words and your actions do not match. You continue to self promote by linking to your website despite being told that it is bad manners to do so. Most of your ‘ blog ” is made up of long winded posts about WO and how misguided and awful he is yet you continue to use his blog and his readership as a means of trying to get your obscure little blog read.You eventually have coffee with him much to my surprise because I know that WO has repeatedly said to no to your repeated requests for said coffee.I guess you wore him down with your texts and e-mails and possibly phone calls.
      Obsessed with Wo? Yes I think you are. You seem to have appointed yourself his judge jury and executioner. I am relieved to see that you have posted a post on your blog that is not about WO but Matthew Hooton. Please please do go have coffee with him and obsess about what is wrong with him instead. I have no interest whatsoever in ‘ appearing ‘ balanced and fair in my assessment of you and your motives.The sad thing is that you actually think that you ARE being balanced and fair in your ongoing tirade about WO yet to the most casual observer you clearly are not. I don’t like you. I question your motives and think that you need to promote yourself at someones elses expense. You think that you come across intellectual and balanced and reasonable because of the long winded weasel words you use to try to cover up the nastiness. Your attacks are way worse than anything WO has ever done because he stabs from the front and says I am going to take you down while you stab from the back while smiling and saying I am telling you this with your best interests at heart. YEAH RIGHT
      P.S this is my last word on the subject I will not respond to anything you have to say as I just had to get this off my chest.I realise it won’t stop you doing what you are doing but it has achieved its purpose. Now I feel better!

      • Hi Juana,

        I perfectly understand why you might be offended by some of my public criticisms of Cam’s activism, his campaigns and vendettas. Sorry, he’s a big boy, and he plays the blogging game pretty hard and personal himself. 

        I hope I don’t get him in trouble, but our meeting yesterday was the third or fourth we’ve had since August when he approached me “for a catch up sometime for a bit of advice”. See:

        Cam is one of the best networkers I know. He’s also, as I said somewhere obscure, someone who *engages* — which is the way forward, IMO. We have some history he and I, a mutual ‘enemy’ … and I like to think, we share a mutual respect.

        You allege, among other things, that I am being somehow dishonest or two-faced with him. That’s not the case. I am profoundly critical of some of Cam’s actions, statements, targets and tactics — and I am completely open with him about that. It doesn’t we don’t get on. It doesn’t mean we can’t learn from each other.

        Cheers, Peter 
        [I really don’t see the issue with my putting my blog’s name here]

  • Anonymous

    Even worse when you meet someone like Whale, in person and quickly realize that they are a lefty winger, hiding in the closet. Not to mention a secret admirer of Phil Goff.