Election Marketing 101 – Fail

A couple of days ago I went and cleared the mail box.

Once again Colin Craig has mailed out an expensive coloured brochure. The brochure itself is 12 pages long. It is basically tl;dr. But what makes it worse is it was delivered with a whole lot of other glossy brochures otherwise known as junk mail. I very nearly threw the whole lot in the?recycling?bin then noticed it was the Conservative Party brochure.

The only reason I kept it was because I couldn’t believe that the Conservative Party and Colin Craig are repeating the errors of Colin’s failed mayoralty bid. back then he sent a brochure to every elector, instead of every household. This time it is every household but delivered with all the junk mail.

I know the direct mail industry thinks a return of 1% from their mail-outs is considered?spectacular. I would think that less than 1% of households even read this brochure, instead they are now junking up the landfills around the country.

Slow learners are painful in politics, but then again it is his own money, so Colin Craig can do what he pleases with it. If he wants to repeat the same mistakes over and over again and blow wads of cash it then he can go right ahead.