Face of the Day

An orca takes a seal and drags it into the water to drown it. This was after a three hour team hunt in which the entire pod co-operated in order to make giant waves that washed the seal from its ice floe, and then did side swipes with their tail, blew bubbles, rolled the ice floe and then eventually dragged the seal to its death. It is partly done as a training exercise for the younger members of the pod but is also to ensure that the seal is exhausted and won’t turn round and attack. Captain Scott witnessed these hunts over 100 years ago and scientists today think that they may be the most complex team hunts in the natural world.


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  • Ghostwhowalksnz

     Do the orcas  do this to …. penguins ? Of course

    There  was one that got away

  • Angrywasp

    Ha! the seal is looking at the camera as if to say..
    “Dont take a fucking photo.. Fucking help ME!!!”

  • Tony

    The wide eyes remind me of the labour party