Feeding the Phonies

Spotted at Wellington seafront. Tua Tua cafe think it’s “right-on man” to buy into the “occupy wherever” bullshit.

They think the way to bring down capitalism is to not stock Pepsi or Coke. God, that’s so radical.

You’ll notice they are begging on behalf of the smelly wasters rather than feeding them from their own profits.

Any Whale Army members in the area this weekend should make sure to march on in and demand a refreshing ice-cold Coca-Cola.


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  • Lncdvy

    We welcome food and coffee donations for Mercedes Benz?

    • My thought as well when I saw that. Clueless.

  • Te Kinga

    Damn, I was just going to say that. Speaks heaps for the intelligence of these types doesn’t it…. or perhaps their daddies have always provided them with a merc, so they naturally assume that everyone in the world should be given one too….

  • John Q Public

    I’ll bet one million dollars they do stock Phoenix soft drinks. And I wonder who owns them then… 

  • Anonymous

    So this cafe an non-profit organisation and the staff work for free right? I’m sure their prices would reflect that.

  • Chris

    Thought most on here, Cam, might’ve been supporters of freedom of expression.  I understand your point on one of the other blogs about taking over the public space at Aotea Square (although didn’t agree with the “breaking the law” point – sometimes you have to take a stand, Cam, as I’m sure you’re aware) but I find it interesting why you and so many others are reacting with such anger.  Why?  Do you think they’re some kind of a threat?  That their message is accurate so will expose the “filthy right”?  No, of course they won’t!  My advice is to just relax – these clowns ain’t gonna do nuttin’.  Sure, have a crack when you’ve got a proper gripe like whether they’re impinging on your right to take the dog and the frisbee down the park for a run around, but don’t get so uptight simply because they’re “expressing themselves”.  Let them enjoy that right because we live in a democracy, provided it’s lawful, although I’ve already explained my views on that. In fact, the more you and others go on the more you look like facists.  If you want to make them look silly just let them speak to the media – they’re doing that themselves. I say just relax and let them go.