Fenton now lying

If it wasn’t bad enough that Darien Fenton attacked a Kiwi icon she then had to go lie about it.

“I have never ever suggested a boycott, or started a boycott or called for a boycott – that is simply not true.”

She might not have used the words boycott, but the tone of her Facebook post was such that she was saying she had a choice, that her choice wasn’t going to be Mad Butcher stores nor indeed anyone else who supported tories. She has 1662 “friends” on Facebook, she knew exactly what she was doing.

If she truly is sincere in making amends then she should do the honourable thing and resign. Paul Henry was made to resign for much less.


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  • Bemused

    People like Fenton and some of their supporters really are bottom feeders – example as below.

    “Darien should have stood by her comments. The world needs more people like her, who would stick it to the powerful in the name of the powerless.

    Mad Butcher, you are dirty stinking flithy traitor.”


  • Scanner

    Smackhead Fenton just doesn’t when to quit, first she attacks an icon, a friend of the “She Beast”, then she calls for a boycott of shops he no longer owns, staffed by union members that used to pay her wages, then she tries to destroy the evidence, then issues, after it looks like shes about be caught by mainstream media, an apology she resented giving but was obviously told to give.
    The right thing for Goff to now do is shift her down the list to a point where her place at the trough is in serious doubt, no organisation can recover from the damage she he has done and continues to do,
    What her motivation was in the first place we will never know, perhaps she thinks shes bulletproof, perhaps shes back on the dope, who knows and who cares, what is for sure is that this sort of action is what is forcing voters away from Labour in their thousands.
    Wake up Phil the circus is out of control.

    • Adybombs

      Ha ha. The way Labour are going he won’t have to shift her very far down the list at all to put her spot at the trough in jeopardy

  • Mully

    These fuckwits just don’t know when to shut up:


    The smartest bit in that article comes from George Hawkins….

  • Adybombs

    Doesn’t the stupid old bint know that the Mad Butcher business is now part of Tegel

  • HSV325

    Yeah and we have a choice not to vote for the stupid bitch. Just goes to show how shallow the puddle that is Labours talent when this pathetic excuse for a human being can be so high on their list. If Goof had any brains/balls/in touch with the real normal world he would drop kick Fenton and Wall into oblivion. Life is tough enough without listening to the evil vile that spews from these 2 mingers mouths.

  • Agent BallSack

    IMO closing down her facebook page doesnt redress the issues. Its now out of sight out of mind. Most of us have said things we regret on facebook, its just that real people often apologise when they awake the next day and say fuck did I say that? No such luck from Fenton, close it and hope no one notices. Im still flabbergasted that she even chose him as a target. Shes (it’s?) just another turd floating around the rim of the Labour bowl.

    • Scanner

      I bet the smackhead had a major “Oh Fuck” moment when she came down and saw what she had done, great news was that Whale had a copy of what was said as a screenshot, and there it sits for all to see.
      Now might be a good time to pop over to The Standard and give some of the sisters a wee wind up, they bite bite so well and don’t have the intellect to know when to STFU
      Phil FFS sack the pond scum before it does you even more damage.