Focussing on the things that matter, Ctd

Phil Goff told us he and Labour would focus on the things that matter to Kiwi voter.

To his credit he is, on the day after the All Blacks broke a 24 year hex he has also broken his own electoral curse and finally comes up with a vote winning policy…get a puppy

[blackbirdpie id=”128228914882543616″]

The four main newspapers won’t write negative editorials about Phils new puppy policy like they did about his labour policy.

It is Phil’s best day on the campaign trail, until John Key announces he has picked up a couple of all black Lab puppies named Ted and Richie and questions how Phil is going to fund Belle with the deficit as high as it is.

Oh and btw, the breed is Huntaway not Hunterway.


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  • Jester

    A new puppy and new red socks.

    Give that man a beer!

  • and don’t forget the new shovel!

  • Guest

    Considering that Goof calls his Jack Russell ‘Jafa’ – Just Another Fucking Animal, I’d be concerned for this pup’s welfare. Send the SPCA round to check on the welfare of this faux farmer’s animals.  

  • bb

    I think I’m going to vomit…. Goofy thinking I will vote for him cause he got a dog. Why would anyone subscribe to his mindless dribbling tweets. That’s it I am definitely going to vomit!

  • Chris Fleming

    I knew Labour had gone to the Dogs !

  • Another attempt to seem relevant.  He should know that the world cup win will lift the mood of the nation and result in a bump in popularity for the government ahead of next months election.  Who will pay for this lift in the polls?  Sad pathetic old Phil-in and his merry band of clueless losers.

    Haha.  Just keep persisting with the dirt and smear, seems the only thing you lot learnt from Clark.  3 more years boys 3 more years.

  • Steve

    Phil Goff needs a lesson in spelling. He could talk with Trev, after all Trev is a Teacher isn’t he?