Focussing on things that matter, Ctd

Trevor Mallard is focussing on the things that matter to Kiwi voters…like how much politicians get paid. In his opinion it isn’t enough.

Nice to see him continuing his usual form of telling big fat lies. He suggests that he took a pay cut to become an MP, considering he was a school teacher before entering parliament this is hardly likely to be true.

Why does Trevor Mallard, when given a choice between telling the truth or telling a lie always pick telling a lie?


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  • Anonymous

    Trevor first entered Parliament in 1984. I seem to remember that at that time MP’s and Ministerial salaries were very niggardly and it is quite likely a MP earned less than a senior secondary school teacher. This would have been why there were generous travel and superannuation provisions. The general expectation at the time was that being a MP was ‘service’ to the community. Similarly mayors and councillors received a pittance then – they needed to have a job or preferably have business interests (where absences on Council business could ber tolerated) to have enough money to live.

  • Shaker

    If Mallard has been offered a job on higher pay than he’s getting now, these employers need to be named and instead of shamed, given a medal for such sacrifice. With MMP and lists, enticing him to leave is the only way we are ever going to get rid of him,

  • Symgardiner

    The issue isn’t the money. Paying politicians too little just leads to kick backs. The issue is there are a 120+ of them. If you carved 20 off the total, no one would even notice. Carve 60 off that number and people would notice (in a positive way).

  • Homepaddock

    Not focussing on grammar either – a teacher ought to know not to use the reflexive pronoun myself in place of the subject or object pronouns I or me.

  • Anonymous

    He might have dropped salary but that is completely different from being paid less. We should be comparing his teachers remuneration package with the MP’s remuneration package at the time.

    And it may be that he has an offer elsewhere comprising more money. He’s not influential enough to get a Helen Clark-type job, and Kabul’s gone to Carter, so maybe Tehran, or Mogadishu? His cycling prowess would be useful in Somalia where the militia’s have all the fuel or just take it…

  • Scanner

    So come on Trev front up, what job could he actually hold down outside the Beehive, as far a we can see the vacancies for a pub fight starter are all taken.
    There is always a future for a character assassin, but this is unlikely outside the farce that is parliamentary privilege, so that falls by the wayside.

    No it looks like a couple of nice six figure politically appointed directorships is about all he is qualified for, once again snout firmly in the trough.

    Also it’s great to see Labour still offering $15 an hour as a minimum wage, awesome to watch them making commitments, once again, with other peoples money
    Should it ever happen I will do what I did with the youth wage removal, create some vacancies, how much money does this fucktard think small to medium business owners make in this country, it’s unbeileivable how much unrecoverable time is spent doing admin work for free for the govt, PAYE, FBT, ACC, GST, Kiwisaver, etc.

    The other thing that never ceases to amaze me is the sheer coincidence that always seems to occur between MP’s tasks and major sporting events, Trev always seems to be a major player in this act, I guess the people of Hutt Valley need to be represented at these events.

    • Ratchet

      C’mon Scanner, he could go back to being a unionist secondary school principal – not too far removed from a Labour campaign manager really, both overpaid loudmouth blowhards, good for f#&k all apart from whinging at the govenment…..

  • pidge

    Top of the pay-scale teachers were on the more or less the same as back-bench MP in the early 70’s, but have lagged behind ever since.

  • frosty

    These other (fictitious) higher paying jobs they have turned down in order to be MP’s probably require that they actually do some work…
    Hmmm get paid more (involves working); or get paid too much for doing nothing… yup easy choice.

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