Focussing on things that matter, Ctd

Phil Goff has told us that Labour is going to focus on the things that matter to Kiwi voters. Earlier today I blogged that he tweeted that he was:

[blackbirdpie id=”123522542555250688″]

He described blacksmithing as a real job.

This has nagged away at me all day and so I thought I would consult Trademe to see how many of these “real jobs” in blacksmithing are on offer for Kiwi voters.

Bugger, Phil Goff wants to train people for real jobs that don’t actually exist. Blacksmithing was a bit specialised so I thought a bit laterally…I tried farrier, and metal worker. No jobs for farriers, and just 4 under metal worker, still none that require blacksmithing skills.

Careers NZ has a great resource for job seekers and people looking at training for a particular job. I checked there for blacksmith and it referred me to the page for Farrier. We have already established that there are no jobs for farriers on Trademe, and so what advice does Careers NZ give to people seeking to train as a farrier?

So Phil Goff goes and sees a blacksmith and tweets that this is the sort of stuff that Labour is all about, training people for “real jobs” and Careers NZ says you have almost no chance of ever getting a job as a farrier.

Phil Goff really is a tool. I pity that Labour has chosen this numpty to lead them into the election.


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  • starboard

    Hmmm.. a farrier looks after horses hoofs…giddy-up Arden may need a tidy up , Goofs on the case.

  • Masood Hussain

    Thanks for the post… i think it seems effective… I will try your sugession regarding to finding jobs

    Jobs in New Zealand

  • thor42

    Goof should have suggested “Labour Party leader” as a job.
    That’ll be vacant very soon……..

  • Johnboy

    Pity Farriers didn’t shoe dogs. There would be plenty of work at Labour HQ.

  • Pharmachick

    Actually, there are plenty of Farriers out there earning a decent living. My bet is that the “certificate” (or whatever they’re currently calling it) is not unhelpful, but not really a door-opening qualification. There are many farriers in NZ with no Cert. or any “qualification” that have been shoeing for years and are well trusted by their clients. On average a horse needs new shoes every 5-7 weeks, usually 6, sometimes 8, in the middle of summer and in young horses, occasionally 4 weeks. Now, consider that a single shoeing costs ~$80-100 for cold shoeing and $100 – 150 for hot shoeing per horse, per shoeing. I don’t know the cost of iron shoes, nails or a portable forge, but my guess is that if a Farrier has a decent set of clients (say 10 – 20) he or she [but they’re mostly men – its a hard, heavy and  dirty job] can do quite well. So being a Farrier is neither a useless nor un-needed profession (as implied) and there are many more of them than those specious stats would imply.

    Goof is still barking up the wrong tree – should’ve beet at the auto mechanic, carpenter, builder or fitter and turner apprenticeship program if he really cared. Actually that’s probably not fair, I am sure he **really** did care – about the photo op.    

  • Guest

    Phool is thinking of a career change. He’ll need to upskill to get a job.

  • Kevin Campbell

    In my years of recruitment cant say I have ever been asked to find a blacksmith.

  • Bawaugh

    Now now, maybe labour’s election winning plan is to expand our racing industry, so we can gamble our money away. We will need more horses then.

  • kehua

    Hardcase Kevin one of your namesakes is an ex Auckland farrier now shoeing in Invercargil! I shoe horses for a living and right now it is bloody hard to make a living, that old discretionary dollar is being spent on fuel, food and creditcard debt and my clients are just brushing their nags. Phil goff is just re-affirming his reputation as a fuckwit.

  • Matt

    No no Whale, you’ve got it wrong. When Labour resumes power, every community will have it’s own furnace and we’ll be melting down pots, pans, cars, tractors and other accessories of the bourgeois to make metal…and we’ll need plenty of blacksmiths to work it into implements of the products useful for the peasants!