Fran Flays Five Fingers Feeley again

Fran O’Sullivan has reprised her NewstalkZB flaying of Five Fingers Feeley with one in the NZ Herald.

The standard PR rule in a case like this is to stop digging.

But the SFO director is so assured of his righteousness that he cannot see that he has brought his own office into disrepute by this misjudgment.

Clearly, Feeley also doesn’t know his boss well enough.

When the Herald story broke, Police Minister Judith Collins promptly asked the State Services Commission to investigate the “employment” matter.

Collins – who is not known as the Crusher for nothing – is understandably furious that the SFO director, whom she personally hawked around town as the sheriff who was going to drive the fraudsters out of Dodge City in the wake of the multibillion-dollar finance companies sector collapse, would trivialise such an important issue.

Collins is a tougher bird than Prime Minister John Key or Finance Minister Bill English, who have each trivialised the matter. If I read her correctly, she will see this as a matter of character.

The full facts are yet to be disclosed.

Crusher is not one to be trifled with. SHe already has two CEO scalps, a third in the cabinet would be aesthetically pleasing.