Getting the spin in early

We all know the Labour staffers, MPs and union hacks that write The Standard hate National, we get that. However they like to rpetend that they are the enlightened commentators, that they consider their posts and give in depth analysis.

Well, this is the quality of the Standard’s commentary.

They had a post up about the PREFU, an hour and a half before the PREFU was released, condemning National’s economic record based on the PREFU that they hadn’t seen yet, which is still under embargo and in lock-up and saying that only Labour and the Greens had the solution.

The post has since been removed.

I have posted this so that you can all know that their commentary was written well before anyone could have known the details of the the PREFU.


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  • kaykaybee

    Good spotting there WO. Seems have outdone themselves on the idiocy  stakes.  They’re a sad bunch of knee-jerk tribalists at the best of times, but to react before an event takes the cake…

  • Ghostwhowalksnz

    Better to have the spin in early than have it in ‘pig latin’ afterwards.
    But what about the  ‘gay bar ‘ handshake from Key ?,   Give him a catwalk to mince on. again.

  • Awesome…monkeys….wastrels….the lot of them. 

  • Doc

    Ohhh, look, another caption contest…

  • Anonymous

    That all ya got ghostwhowanKs. Fuck off back to your Level 5 of Key Derangement Syndrome wankfest