Gillard is a far-right radical

Julia Gillard could well be a far-right radical in pushing for performance bonuses for teachers:

In a submission to a federal government review, state Labor’s education policy committee has warned against the Gillard plan to link students’ test results to more funding for schools and pay bonuses for teachers.

…Some federal caucus members are also opposed to the plans to link test scores with bonuses from 2013. The bonuses, worth $8000 for teachers and up to $100,000 for schools, will be determined in part on students’ improvement in the national literacy and numeracy tests (NAPLAN).

”It’s just stupid policy and it won’t survive,” said one senior figure. ”The tests are a one-point-in-time thing, they can’t give you improvement over time.”

Julia Gillard would be pilloried by the teachers unions in New Zealand for proposing such a radical far-right agenda such as paying teachers for performance.