Green Hypocrites

This from the Party that opposes defence spending says the PM should use the train rather than a helicopter.

Mr Key could have solved his traffic problems by taking the train.

Oh lookeee here what is on Sean Gillespie’s Facebook page…doesn’t look like a train they are sitting in there does it?

Nice of the Greens to give out helicopter to their Wellington based staffers isn’t it? From the looks of the photos it looks like Sean has had a couple of jaunts in Air Force or Navy helicopters.

Russel Norman has some shots in the hanger and some aerials… how many flyovers have the Greens been on?

Green hypocrites


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  • Gazzaw

    Isn’t that Turei on his right? She who headlined back in May on the Greens website “ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER EXPENSIVE PM HELICOPTER RIDE”.

  • Mully

    Do as I say, not as I do…

  • Hahaha classic find – you beauty! Now to get the media all over it….

  • Anonymous

    Sue Kedgely, retiring Green list MP, admitted she did not have a Snapper card, which all regular Wellington bus users have. Public transport is only for ‘other people’.

  • Boss Hogg

    The crewman is deep in thought “I wonder how Watermelons bounce from 1500 ft”

    Can you imagine how much they hate taking these bludgers for a jolly, but orders are orders, just keep a straight face and shut up.  Grrrrrrrrr.

    • Navy Greg

      Hahahaha! you are so correct, I can assure you !

      • Boss Hogg

        Greg, I did my training in the RNZAF as it turns out……………

      • Boss Hogg

        Only six years service many years ago, but I know the same correct attitude and dedication to duty applies.  And this does not include liking every pillock that you have to look after.  Cheers Man and keep up the good work !!

        • Navy Greg

          once a serviceman, always a serviceman, cheers Boss :)

  • Honcho

    The trip would have been planned by Joint Forces HQ, where all taskings are planned, this would have been a favour as the organisation is deeply political in its workings its hardly suprising the MP scored himself a scenic flight (defense is a tool of government after all).

    After a year fixing SH-2G in the airforce for the navy, Thats a UH-1H ‘Huey’ so its an air force helicopter Cam.

  • coge

    These Greens must think helicopters run on wind power.

  • Tony

    Sorry Whale, The internal pictures pictures are of a UH1.

    NZDF for 30 years. 

  • Jesus you guys. I know that the photos of Metiria Turei are in a Huey. I was talking about the one of Russel Norman, which is in a lined and door closed helicopter.

    • Honcho

      Sorry whale, that shot isnt from inside a Sprite either, hes definitely not on the observers seat, and the left side door has a centrally placed square window which looks out over the weapons station.Looks more like the civil helicopter from the hangar shot, which I ID as an Aerospatiale AS350, someone else out there is probably an even bigger geek and will go on to disprove me.

      I know this isnt the point of your blog post, the point is greens are getting their jollys and not contributing whilst everyone else is trying to get the job done …. the opposite of what they are bleating to the MSM. At least this thread is getting attention.

    • Tony

      sorry again – that looks more like a Squirrel

      • Navy Greg

        Yup, AS 350 B2,the B1’s have smaller windows. 400 litres of kerosene per hour to take a greenie on a joyride. Did Lens trainset not go there?

        • Navy Greg

          you have all missed Metiria’s lifejacket…”for mouth inflation blow here”
          comments anyone ?