Greens join Labour wanting state-controlled media

The Greens have joined Labour in wanting state control of all media:

The Green Party wants to make independent media watchdog the Press Council answerable to the Government.

The idea, outlined in the party’s broadcasting policy, involves creating a “Broadcasting Commission” that would set, monitor and enforce rules such as minimum local content quotas.

The policy document also suggests the Greens would want the commission to have ultimate authority over the Press Council.

While the Greens say they support “responsible industry self-regulation” as the best system for regulating media content, “appropriate safeguards and incentives must be in place to ensure that responsible self-regulation is effective at controlling negative content”.

To that end, the Greens would bring the Advertising Standards Authority, Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Press Council into “a common framework based on the principle of responsible self-regulation”.

Why is it that the left-wing all dance to the same tune when it comes to freedom of the media. They want, to use Clare Curran’s phrase, to “control the message”, and what better way to do it than by controlling and regulating the media and press through statutory bodies.

When you hear the Greens or Labour use phrases like “responsible industry self-regulation” what they are really saying is that the current state of affairs is irresponsible and distinctly unsatisfactory from their warped world view.


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  • Cam we have seen the same here in Aus.  Up until now the Greens have had little influence so have been able to say what they like and have enjoyed zero media scrutiny.  They have stood by and watch everyone else under the grill, often having put them there.  Now they are facing the same scrutiny they demanded others be subject to, they are victims of media bias and hate campaigns, so they have demanded and got a parliamentary enquiry into the media, specifically the concentration of ownership.

    This is a real threat to free speech and democracy.  It must be resisted at all costs.  Anyone who believes in these basic rights will do all they can to bring the greens down for good.

  • thor42

    This is the most stupid idea EVER. For goodness sake – the media are bad enough as they are now, with their blatant leftwing bias and “political correctness”. Making them government-controlled would make things even worse. 

  • Alex

    I thought our grandfathers fought against this sort of sh*t.

  • Todd

    Labour and the greens do their socialist brethren proud, it’s just a pity that many kiwi’s still enjoy the free media and even if it is bias at least we know there’s some idiot behind the editing that’s not being controlled. Oh well these idiots are likely to forget this stance after they fail to win this election as long as National doesn’t sell their position on this policy for a brief partnership that is not required.