Has Darien cost Damien his seat?

The latest iPredict update shows some interesting movement in West Coast-Tasman.

There has been a change of forecast winner in West Coast-Tasman.  For the first time since March, National’s Chris Auchinvole is expected to retain the rugby league loving West Coast-Tasman (55% probability up from 47% last week).  This follows media reports of attacks on prominent rugby league supporter Sir Peter Leitch (“The Mad Butcher”) by two Labour MPs.

That is an interesting swing in the stocks.


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  • Anonymous

    While much attention is focused on the West Coast, this is only half of the electorate. Tasman will have a large influence.

  • Tristanb

    Damien O’Connor, at least from the one “self-serving unionist and gays”statement is the one Labour member I have some respect for.

    But he really should speak up against ex-druggy bitches like Fenton.

  • Agent BallSack

    Damien O’Connor was the only reason I ever voted Labour. Unfortunately now I judge him by the company he keeps…which is dire.

  • bruno32

    I can’t see how Damien and Darien ended up in the same team,but I suppose that is the nature of the labour party. Is Darien still on the methadone program ? She looked pretty haggard in the last media photo I saw.

  • Agent BallSack

    How can a registered drug addict even be so high on Labours list? Those who vote for her get what they deserve!

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