Herald Editorial Slams Fenton

The NZ Herald editorial slams Darien Fenton for her outburst against Sir Peter Leitch.

This petulance spoke volumes. The Mad Butcher has been a working man selling his meat in working-class areas for more than a generation. Despite his own wealth, he has stronger blue-collar credentials than Ms Fenton and her Opposition backbenchers combined.

He has for years been a prominent “mate” of the former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark and, among many acts of charity over a lifetime, provided and cooked meat for the barbecue held after former leader David Lange’s funeral.

For Ms Fenton, though, his broadcast utterances were political treason. That any member of the country’s working class could speak well of a “Tory” leader is anathema. Unthinkable. Unforgivable.

Fenton’s outburst has been followed up by one from Louisa Wall.

The Fenton comments would have been politically dumb and personally reprehensible at any time, given Sir Peter’s record for serving the communities the MP purports to represent.

But her timing, amid Sir Peter’s well-publicised but tentative recovery from cancer and the joy of all league fans at the Warriors’ late season success, was particularly damaging. The general election is in less than two months. Her party is at historic lows, Mr Key’s National Party at historic highs in the opinion polls.

Ms Fenton apologised late in the week. She had to, as her display of “he’s either with us or against us” is an unlovely insight into the tribal, old-school politics of some on the left. More than that, it threw a spotlight back on Sir Peter’s personal comments in favour of Mr Key.

The mysteries of the Prime Minister’s appeal run deep, leading to bewilderment within Labour at his “smile and wave” success, now publicly winning over a stalwart of the South Auckland and rugby league communities.

They must fear that in the words of the Mad Butcher’s radio advertisements, Mr Key could soon be seen as “everybody’s mate”.

Labour will be in panic mode. I doubt they will have the wisdom to lockdown Facebook and Twitter lest more gems fall into the vigilant hands of the Whale Army for publication.


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  • Apolonia

    Send ‘er back down mine, at end of road.

  • Bill Barnsley

    Fuck you are soft Cameron, her mealy mouthed excuse for an apology was no more than a feeble attempt to squash the news story that appeared in the papers the very next morning. You know full well that the journo would have contacted her for a quote prior to submitting their copy and she would have had an “oh fuck” moment and hastily penned something under duress.
    Fenton is right up their as one of the biggest reasons to dump MMP. Which we will not do of course.

  • Anonymous

    I would much rather listen to someone who spent his life building up his business from scratch and being charitable rather than someone who whiled away their days injecting homebake or sitting around on the methadone programme.

  • TitanUranus

    Labours true colours are coming out now they a facing the worst defeat in their sad history, nasty ,venal little fuckers.