I bet our dirty hippies won’t use the approved method of communication

Tomorrow assorted rent a mob and dirty hippies are going to try and “Occupy” various parts of New Zealand. The stupid hippies in the US have been conducting their meetings using hand signals and group speak. Here is a handy video for them to learn how they must act.

Somehow I can’t see John Minto giving up his megaphone for the people to speak with twinkles. I also can’t see them carrying on like this video:


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  • thor42

    The crowd repeating everything that the speaker says is pretty creepy.  That’s getting into “coercive persuasion / mind control” territory – getting the people to mindlessly go along with the group. They can’t even see that they’re being manipulated. 

    • Anonymous

      Very Orwellian. Newspeak 1984. 

  • Apolonia

    The first guy looks like he has a tumour in his neck.

  • Ghostwhowalksnz

    A bit of right wing class warfare being whipped up whale ?

    • They have to have class for there to be warfare over it.

    • Anonymous

      Bit of a departure for you, ghostwhowanKsnz, to pollute this site. You should scuttle back to being a sock puppet of the collective joke known in these parts as the STRANDED, where you and  your lefty diehards have a wankfest while bathing together in the “take
      it from the creators and earners and give it to the idle” cesspit.

  • Cathedral

    Mallard would understand the twinkle speak. No one else would. Creepy lot.

  • Alan

    Only in America, California comes to wall street. they will never get their shit together on this one . Which is a shame i hate banks and the bloated talentless under worked over paid wankers that work for them . There’s nothing I would love more than to see a few of them strung up in wall street. I see Simon Power is off to look after the Granny and Grandad funds at west slac private banking. I rest my case.

  • The problem is that a lot of the protesters are just anti-corporatists in America, separate from the anti-capitalism message that has sprung up here.

    • Anonymous

      Quite correct Josh. Just transpose the mob that usually protests outside Sky City to Aotea Square and nothing changes. Did you see that dodgy protester with the pretentious name on TV last night sporting his Sea Shepherd tee-shirt? Go figure.