Is coastal shipping Green?

The Greens and other assorted shouters are crying over spilt oil with the running aground of the MV Rena.

I wonder though if they have forgotten their?commitment?to extending?coastal?shipping in New Zealand as a “green” solution to transport.

“We are pleased the Government has finally woken up to the fact that nurturing and developing coastal shipping is a critical part of future proofing New Zealand against the joint impacts of peak oil and climate change,” Greens’ Spokesperson for Regional Economic Development Sue Bradford says.

The MV Rena contains 2000 tonnes fuel oil. There is around about 1050 liters per tonne of fuel oil, so that is 2.1 million litres of fuel oil potentially that can leak into the ocean.

There is a truck big enough in new Zealand that could cause anywhere near the ecological disaster of one ship the size of MV Rena running aground, by running off the road and crashing.

It is unlikely too that 1000 trucks would all crash?simultaneously?and spill their loads into the ocean. Same with freight trains.

Under the Greens policy and plans for a greener New zealand there would be more MV Renas running around and aground in New Zealand. Perhaps they would like to STFU about now.