Is Trotter a class traitor now?

Any time soon expect a Labour MP to castigate Chris Trotter for being a class traitor. Why?

Because?of his “Auslander” post which explains in simple terms why it is that Labour is currently polling in the 20s.

One commenter has already accused him of being a National supporter and flunky already, to which Trotter replied:

Chris Trotter?said…

To: [email protected]:47

This sort of comment illustrates to perfection the intellectual vacuity of NZLP supporters – and their dishonesty.

I am not advocating that anyone vote for National – merely pointing out what National has done, and the nature of the “pitch” that has drawn so many former Labour voters to the Right.

Labour needs to understand both in order to have the slightest chance of fighting back successfully.

And, just for the record, I was the only political columnist in the country to consistently support?Helen Clark’s government for the duration of the 2008 election campaign.