Kerre Woodham schools Fenton

Kerre Woodham schools Darien Fenton on her ill advised attack on Sir Peter Leitch:

The one-time Bollywood actor took a swipe at the Mad Butcher on her page because she was annoyed that Sir Peter Leitch had invited John Key to watch the Warriors with him in the NRL Grand Final tonight.

When she was asked to explain, she said the Mad Butcher was a sycophant, sucking up to the Prime Minister, and said she was never going near him again.

The subsequent furore saw Fenton back down, apologise and shut down her Facebook profile.

You can’t savage the Mad Butcher, for heaven’s sake. He’s like everybody’s favourite old Labrador – friendly, enthusiastic and willing to wag his tail at anyone.

Fenton’s got a very short memory. Her former boss, Helen Clark, was a great mate of the Mad Butcher’s and a regular at Mount Smart.

Even the current Labour leader, Phil Goff, was quick to distance himself from his junior MP’s snarky sniping.


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  • Notabludger

    Kerry Woodham is a self-serving hypocrite whose gaffes are as dumb as that idiot Fenton. Pot meet kettle.

  • Troy

    But the Labour Party are a pack of cowards… look, they have her on the list at No.18, why the fuck don’t they punish their wayward incompetent candidates by moving them down the list.  Pack of yellow-bellied fuck-knuckles.  Goff distances himself – of course he does, simply because he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to lead from the front – he should be publicly dressing her down and reviewing her position on the list.  Unfortunately the union movt has such a grip on how the labour party operates, it just won’t happen.  Wake up Labour.

  • thor42

    I wish Kerre Woodham would “school” me – preferably involving lots of ice-cream all over her body……

  • Anonymous

    Goff obviously hasn’t been given permission from Little to demote her on the list. Little needs her there to support him when he gets in as a scum list MP. Fuck, I hope that Sir Peter never forgets this unforgivable slur and the inaction by Goff to give proper redress. Taking the politics right out of it exactly what sort of person acts like this to a fellow human being? I hope that all Labour supporters ask themselves that question come 26 November.   

  • Seems clear from the antics of Mallard and Curran that they prefer Parker. Wonder who Fenton is with.

    • Scanner

      Herself – because in her own twisted little mind there is only one person on the planet that matters.
      She should be headed south on the list at warp speed, but sadly the only pair of balls that were left in the Labour party went to new York three years ago.