Labour’s smear tactics in Epsom

There is some pretty scurrilous stuff happening in Epsom, serious muck-raking and innuendo being shopped to the media, even Trevor Mallard is trying to spread it along with other flunkies like Martyn Bradbury.

It seems that Labour, bereft of any other ideas are hell bent on trying to undermine ACT as a strategy. Little do they know that ACT is quite capable of doing that all by themselves. However it is apparent that there is a concerted Labour strategy in play now to attack ACt at every opportunity. Mallard is blogging and Tweeting endlessly about it, their lap-blogs are likewise talking it up, their media proxies are busy talking about polls and all of it focussed on Epsom and ACT.

Leaderless and heading for a crash, David Parker and Labour are now having to ‘send in the youth’ to fight their desperate and nasty attacks on John Banks in an attempt to ensure the smears don’t land in their lap. Unfortunately the person they chose to push their smear leaflets is a well know Labour activist.

Levi Joule is a sneaky and furtive Young Labour activist from the telephone booth sized Princes St Labour and has been caught out delivering leaflets smearing Epsom candidate, John Banks in a desperate and pathetic manouvere by David Parker to manipulate the result in Epsom as if everyone but him is stupid. These are the leaflets that Young Labour activists are pushing frenetically into mailboxes in Epsom right now. Thankfully Levi Joule has complied with electoral Law and put his promotor statement on each of them.

Joule, is a failed student politician, who was soundly thrashed in the AUSA elections. The lickspittle also interns in Auckland Mayor Len Brown’s office and he is also heavily active in the Campaign for MMP. I wonder of Len Brown condones these leaflets attacking John Banks, or are they perhaps an un-used tactic from the mayoral campaign?

David Parker and Labour’s blatant desperation, wins Levi the James Sleep Award for Young Labour activist Stupidity – first awarded in 2008 when the namesake stood in front of a National MPs car for minutes on end and then claimed that the MP was trying to run him over.

Levi Joule can’t handle student politics, he can’t handle any politics because of his naivety and mere stupidity – shining credentials of Young Labour hackery. Worse he has now exposed Labour and David Parker to a charge of electoral muck-raking.


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  • Darryl

    These leaflets are more likely to make people in Epsom vote for John Banks. Labour doesn’t seem to even understand the people that live there.

  • Anonymous

    Those leaflets are exactly the same format as the ones that certain AUSA candidates hand out. 

  • Jack

    Did Banks really say that stuff? No wonder no one likes him!

  • electricfence

    Yep, received a leaflet in our box and if there was ever any doubt that banksy was the right man for epsom then that sure as hell convinces us that he should actually be the prime minister

  • Kosh103

    How is telling the truth about banks smearing him?
    He is a racist, homophobic prat. And he is going to lose Epsom for ACT and ACT will be gone.

    • RW4L

      I hope he loses Epsom, last thing we need is more fundi’s in parliament!

  • michaels

    And now it’s wrong to tell the truth?

  • Thorn

    The facts backed him up then, and even more so now. John Banks is right on both scores. I will not vote for National while they are in alliance with the Maori Party.

  • Chris

    That’s right, Darryl, the good people of Epsom will like what’s on that leaflet.  Just more unthinking dumb stuff from Labour.  Muckraking though?  I don’t think so.  If Banks said those things then it’s fair game.  Apart from it being a dumb move tactically, Labour have a right to highlight things a political opponent has said and this is what they’ve done.  The extra commentary on the leaflet I think is fair, too – it’s simply giving an opinion on what Banks said.  But…talk about a dumb, Trev.

    And in case you haven’t seen this:

    • Kosh103

      Yes Banks said those things. And good on Labour for reminding people of the REAL John Banks.

      • Chris

        Whether you like Banks or not, if he said it then tough.  But Darryl’s right – it won’t be tough – it’ll be helping Epsom voters decide Banks is their man.  “Heck, we can’t have those people coming over here and pissing on our fences.  John will keep them out.  God, what were we thinking?  Of course Banksie’s our man.”

        • RW4L

          Are Epsom voters really stupid enough to vote for Banks? He should GTFO of ACT. What happened to the liberal principles? I don’t want another irrational fundi in parliament

  • Anonymous

    Did banks really say these things? Good on him for speaking out.

    • Mike

      Amen. The truth hurts I guess.

  • Christine MCDonald

    Greetings from an Epsom electorate voter.  I hope that Epsom voters are not “silly” enough to vote for an ACT party that isn’t the ACT party.  Banks and Brash are yesterday’s men.  If Brash couldn’t make it as leader of the National Party, why would any National (or otherwise) supporter give him a chance to relive his dreams in ACT party “drag”.
    I am so committed to “outing” ACT in Epsom that I have had a large hoarding being erected outside my Epsom property tommorrow.  It urges people not to vote for ACT and has been signed off by the Electoral Commission. 
    Passersby will know that I supported Len Brown in the Auckland mayoral candidate but I am certainly not dealing red cards in this election.
    Drive past my property at 81 Epsom Ave and have your photo taken with my “unique” billboard.  The Electoral Commission have agreed that my billboard is a valid election advertising and my costs do not have to be attributed to any political party.

    • Boss Hogg

      Christine, Good on you for doing something.  Very admirable.  Your reference to “Yesterday’s men” needs to be picked up on. I think.  When will these people ever get the message that very few people actually want them, they have been rolled over and voted out of various offices over a period of years and then they pop up again with the same party tricks and nothing new.  Look at Mana with Sue Bradford and John Minto – surely in the same catogory of being stuck in some sort of time warp.  My only wish is that both Mana and Act totally fail at this election so that these people get more of the same message they have been getting for years – Bugger off and get a real job.

      On that basis I will have to find a new home for my party vote, damn it.  It was only last week that Act was going to get it.

    • MrV

      So what should people do?

      • Christine MCDonald

        That’s up to you and them.  I am just suggesting that you DO NOT VOTE FOR ACT.  My ruling from the electoral commission is based on a DO NOT VOTE FOR campaign, not a VOTE FOR campaign.  You can follow my ramblings and view my sign at

    • Chris

      That great Christine, but there are still a lot of Epsom voters who see voting for ACT as a way of keeping National in government.  Rodney obviously did the hard yards in Epsom back in the day, but now that has happened many Epsom voters keep up the tradition on the assumption that others in the electorate are thinking the same thing despite a lot of people being personally disappointed or even annoyed with Rodney.

      It’s good you’re doing your bit to break the pattern in Epsom.  Interestingly, while Key says he isn’t at this stage tossing the electorate vote to Banks, he says in the same breath:

      ”I think Epsom voters will make a decision on the day. They have voted
      tactically in the past and voted for the ACT candidate and given the
      party vote to National. They may well choose to do the same thing
      again…but other than that, it’s in their hands,”

      More filthy lies from our esteemed PM.

    • Jester

      Hi Christine, a little birdie tells me this is not your first foray into politcs. Are you able to confirm if you are the same Christine that was letterbox stuffing Labour flyers last election?

      Also can you confirm what signage was attached to your fence at No 81 during that same election period?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Christine MCDonald

        Hi Jester
        Great to hear from you.  Definitely not the Christine that was letterbox stuffing Labour flyers last election though my same-named fellow Epsom resident may be guilty of this :-)  Hands on heart, I have never stuffed a letterbox because I have a fence which is so much easier.
        As I said in my first post, my fence has been used to support other political candidates and parties but I would remind everyone that as a NOT member of any political party, my support or otherwise changes with circumstances, candidates, leader and policies.  It’s called being open minded.  So like the 163,000 New Zealanders who didn’t vote for National in 2005 but did vote for National in 2008, I recognise that the political landscape changes and I respond accordingly.  That’s why we hold elections.
        My campaign is about the changed political landscape with respect to ACT in Epsom.  Like many Epsom voters I have a “soft spot” for Rodney, even if he can’t dance!  But I would like to challenge Epsom voters to look closely at the new ACT lineup.

        • HHH

          So which other parties had the “privilege” to use your fence?

          • Christine MCDonald

            Hi HHH
            My written electoral commission opinion with respect to electoral advertising in Epsom is limited to a “negating” campaign, so I have to be very careful how I comment in any open forum.
            The problem for me is that my fence is not just “my” fence.  The voters in my household have diverse political opinions (thank goodness) and at the last election our electorate and party votes covered four different parties.
            I encourge my young voters to express their political views and participate in the political process.  Giving them the flexibility to use our fence for political advertising is part of that encouragement.
            However with respect to the 2011 election, the election advertising on “my” fence represents my own personal views about ACT in relation to my electorate.
            Have a great long weekend :-)

        • Jester

          Hi Christine, thanks for clearing that up, my apologies I had you confused with the same named, labour card carrying Epsom Christine who was voracious in her support for Labour last term.

          Although coincidently with Epsoms strategic placement the political conscious you have shown would be exactly the message your same named counterpart would want to get out to Joe and Joan Public considering Parker is polling like a also-ran.

          The New Adventures of Old Christine would have made a great blog title by the way ;)

          • Christine MCDonald

            Hi Jester,  I’m sure I must know you – somehow!  But just checked out the “other” Christine McDonald and she (like me) has never been a paid up member of the Labour party (which you need to be to carry a card) and she (like me) has never delivered pamphlets into letter boxes.  So I fear that there must be yet another Christine McDonald.

            However I am always vocal in my support for the leaders, policies and circumstances that prevail in the political landscape at any time.  I even voted for Social Credit once!

            So pleased that “sign” has created a little bit of interest and discussion.  Go the All Blacks :-)

          • Chris

            Somehow, Christine, I don’t believe you.

          • Christine MCDonald

            Good morning Chris.  I am sorry that you don’t believe me.  However you probably should as I am prepared to put my name, address and face to my comments.  While I am delighted to see that you are a “Chris”, most posters hide behind their “code names” and can pretty much say anything, and they do.  I think that if you read back over my postings I have been as transparent as possible :-)

          • Chris

            Yes, you’re probably right.  Good luck with the campaign.  Was great work with the Electoral Commission, too.  A “don’t vote for them” campaign, brilliant.  Now let’s wait for the inevitable law change on that front, a complete wholesale attack on free speech.  Watch this space.

  • kehua

    The “idiot Banks“ is a sanctimonious, twofaced, racist fuckwit, for the life of me I can not imagine a more dangerous man in NZ politics. I am a National voter but must confess to a sad feeling at the demise of Act, but it is their own damn fault and I am sure that Act supporters rue the day that Hide was hi-jacked by the defunct dreamer Brash and cohorts.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Well ACT standing Banks in Epsom was so buttfuckingly stupid that why not put the boot in?

    I do continue to be fascinated by the NZ aversion to negative campaigning though.  Here in Texas, attack ads like this would finish any candidate off.  But New Zealanders don’t like people being mean.  Go figure.

    • Thorn

      The USA has the same problem with “minorities” who create more trouble than what they are worth. Perfect lumpen proletariat for harvesting by the Kenyan and Ko. You just don’t have the guts to say it.

      • Blair Mulholland

        No, I wouldn’t say it because it’s not true and not what I believe.  And you are a race-baiting Leftist Troll.

  • Shannon

    Weird, I thought Whaleoil was a supposed ambassador for truth.

    • Kosh103

      What ever gave you that idea??? He is an ambassador for the right wing, not the truth.

  • If Banks really did say those things then he deserves whatever is coming to him. 

    • Luke

      Well, it is a fact that if Maori crime statistics were directly proportional to their percentage of population, then NZ would be one of the safest countries in the world…..

      • Thorn

        NZ’s standard of living would overtake Australia and most of the OECD if only  Maori and PI pulled their weight and did their fair share.  If the migrant community can do it, what the hell is wrong with these people?

  • time for ACTion NZ

     you can’t help but think what a formidable team Banksy and crusher would make in sorting out this countries open sores…..

  • Allezlesbleus

    If he said it, where is the “smearing” and “muckraking”? Surely from an objective view that is simply campaigning?

  • Alex

    This National party supporter finds Banks repellent.  But seriously, I can’t get over the bludger mentality of ACT.  They’ve done bugger all to try to do anything about reversing voters’ antipathy to further new right reforms; they have been a joke as far as party unity has been concerned; and some how they think they’re entitled to ride on the coat tails of National’s success.  Time to let that Stephen Whittington take the party over and get some fresh young blood in and revive the party and aim for the Gen X and Y vote.

    • Boss Hogg

      Alex, I reckon plenty of Boomers like me would vote for them as well if they did as you describe. 

      They are making it damned hard to vote for them with the current direction.

  • Bodger

    OK Banks may made the statements but you cannot dispute the veracity. Is the truth an anathema in contemporary New Zealand.

    • Kapow65

      You are correct. These hand wringing libs that have commented above should stop for a minute and think about what he said AND the context.
      Why must we never talk about the maori crime statistics? His statement is true – that does not make him racist.
      And to all the haters who don’t want another “fundi” – it was the fundis that gave us an ordered, lawful and generally egalitarian culture. Take a minute to look up from your naval gazing and compare NZ to most of the rest of the world and might realise that we live in paradise.

  • Sam

    Is this blog advicating those comments by Banks? And what is there to prove by an entire blog of personal attacks against a young kid fighting for what he believes in?

    • Vince

      Maybe Whale is fighting for what he believes in? On his blog?

      Heh “Young kid” maybe you could disclose your close personal connections to Levi?

      • Sam

        Whale is fighting for personally attacking people that he disagrees with? And, I don’t have personal connections to Levi – He’s obviously a “young kid” if you look at the photos of him on the blog.

  • Sheesh, the Moonbat Party has two candidates standing in Epsom, Penny Bright and now Christine MacDonald

    • Chris

      What’s wrong with Penney Bright?  You might not agree with her politics but you can’t say she ain’t an honourable lefty.  Surely you’d have a beer with Penny? 

      • bodger

        A beer with Penny woud be like a root canal without anestheticm and sans the attractive dental assistant

  • 6k944827

    Unlike well monied Christian Fundis at least Levi had the guts to put his name to his leaflet

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  • Botti

    He’s certainly correct about crime. If you only look at the European rates NZ is safer than Scandanavian countries.


    to be honest Levi Joule is not smart enough to come up with something like that, judging by his performance in the AUSA elections and his behaviour on campus. This reeks of David Parker, one of the nastiest men in politics. 

  • Dtolich

    Hi Christine

    This is David who sees you on occasions at 5:30pm on some Sundays!

    Kind regards 

    David T