Labour are Hobbit Haters

Labour are now confirmed as Hobbit Haters:

A Labour-led government would change the law around film workers, even if it meant losing theThe Hobbit films overseas, as part of a major policy release around employment relations.

The Work and Wages policy, released yesterday, has at its centrepiece the establishment of an independent Workplace Commission to set minimum standards of pay, conditions and union rights across industries such as security workers, supermarket workers or retail workers.

The standards would apply as statutory minimums, but individual contracts would be exempt and the commission would have the power to exclude small businesses.

Labour’s labour issues spokeswoman Darien Fenton said this would push wages up and erase anomalies where people were paid differently for the same job in the same conditions.

Labour also pledged to repeal the law that made film workers independent contractors by default.

Labour must be Orcs, they hate Hobbits too.


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  • Penguin Pal

    Which one is Fenton

  • thor42

    I hate the orc too….

  • Petal

    No problem with this post Cam, but then calling a Labour MP out for calling someone an idiot seems rather tame by comparison ;)

    • I am not an MP nor am I seeking office. Have you not grasped that there are way different standards for a blogger not standing for parliament and an MP seeking re-election.

      • Petal

        Woah!  I failed to make my point.  Which had something to do with desensitisation, I think.  Yes, I do get your point.

        I can’t believe Labour’s free-for-all Social Media Experiment, and it scares me to think these people will be anywhere near the controls again eventually.  It is only a natural cycle for them to come back in power.  I can only hope that the bitter and twisted have retired and somehow not managed to infect the next batch of talent in such a way that they remain beyond recovery and redemption.

        Anyway, where was I….

  • thor42

    Darien Fenton has a face that you could scrub the hull of a ship with.  Barnacles would have no chance against that. 

  • Alex

    What the hell are they thinking?  Sir Peter won the battle and the popular and industry opinion was firmly behind him.  So Labour think it’s on a vote winner by saying they don’t care about the Hobbit.  And to top it off they let Fenton manage the release — the woman who personally attacked another highly successful job creator? 

    Love reading the following comment from kiwiblog from a shrinking violet leftist:

    YesWeDid (537) Says: October 19th, 2011 at 3:04 pm I had a quick trip over to Whaleoil’s site and was quickly reminded as to why I don’t go there.What’s Whaleoil’s issue with the way female politician’s look? Comparisons with orks and witches, WTF?

  • Alex

    And another question: why the hell aren’t National in full media blitz mode attacking Labour for this.  Imagine the punch message: National, the party that supports the Hobbit; Labour, the party that doesn’t give a toss.  But I suppose it is too much to expect Joyce to do anything it seems.

  • Agent BallSack

    I just want to congratulate Sir Peter Jackson and the boffins at Weta Workshop for the work theyve done getting Darien into the shape she is today.

  • Apolonia

    Labour are broke and the unions are wanting their pound of flesh for providing funding.

  • kehua

    That Darien , she sure don`t like them ol “Sir Peters“

  • paul

    Fenton, the poster child for not doing smack nor crack.  Fuck she is one ugly grey one.

  • Navy Greg

    tired has beens like her are exactly why people cant connect with labour. How many people do you know like her ??