Labour continues to break the law

Here is a shot of Andrew Little on Lambton Quay, Wellington, a very long way from New Plymouth campaigning at a busy intersection complete with Labour’s stop signs which the NZTA has declared illegal.


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  • Geoffk


  • thor42

    I’d like to see these pinko bastards taught a lesson, once and for all, for thumbing their noses at the law like this. 

  • greenmuppet

    Gaggle & friends have nothing to lose by blatantly breaking the law yet again. There will be a lot of visitors in Welly this weekend so I can understand whey they are here.

  • sthnjeff

    Is the Coup on this weekend??? Williams in Wellington, Labour members errily quiet on Twitter ? Red Blurt etc????

  • Busman007

    beady eye fu#ker ,

  • Steve

    Strange photo. In the distance ‘ben on lingerie’
    Ben who? and what does he know about lingerie? The mind boggles with these people

  • Apolonia

    How can they keep breaking the law. I thought broad howard had been removed!

  • Anonymous

    Andrew must have given up on New Plymouth. The priority now is to save Grant Robertson’s bacon.

  • greenmuppet

    Oh I get it. The plan is brilliantly simple : Labour wins the November elections, Labour changes the law and backdates it. Problem solved!

  • Alex

    The photo is a nice metaphor for Labour: breaking the law and making a fool of themselves, while the voters on the footpath just ignore them. 

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  • Luigi

    5 people + Little with the obligatory megaphone and somehow this equals a protest? 

    Pathetic. Even the rent-a-mob numbers are piss poor. 


  • Nathanm

    sad dancing